Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 October Frights Blog Hop

A frightful Blog Hop celebrating All Things that go Bump in the Night! Enter to win two $5 Amazon gift cards and a surprise giveaway on the last day! 
Now for the best part...THE GIVEAWAY! For the first $5 Amazon Gift card: 
Your most frightening or most delicious Halloween memory
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Everyone will be entered in the Grand Prize on Oct 10th!

From my unpublished short story The Predators:

Her eyes color changed from that coal black to crimson. Brandon took a big step back, gasping. His knees buckled and he grabbed onto the corner of the torture table. His own contraption, from which many chains and cuffs hung, some still had bits of rotten flesh and dried out blood. “My God,” he swallowed even harder. “What are you?”
“The dictionary lists us under the capital V.” As his incisors descended the man blocked the entrance.
“V— vampires.” Brandon gasped the word out of his mouth, not believing. In his years as a homicide detective, he’d seen his fair share of weird shit, but everything had its own explanation. This would too. “Whatever you claim to be, I let the woman go if we make a deal. No mention of any of this.”
“It’s too late, Brandon.” The woman spoke with some emotion in her tone for the first time. “When we are about to pierce your jugular vein, will you cower? Will you beg for mercy?” She gave a short chuckle that curded his blood, then turned to the shelf displaying souvenirs he’d taken from each victim and fiddled with now faded blue ribbon of his youngest victim. A high school dropout had fallen for him and clung to his every word, while she sipped on those fancy cocktails. It took no effort on his part to bring her drunken ass here. “The girl was so young, so naive.”
Brandon detected a Slavic accent in her English, but her voice was smooth, soothing almost. “What,” he licked his suddenly parched lips, “what do you want from me?”
The man shrugged. “Other than feed on you for days to come, nothing else.”
“If what you’re saying is true, why can’t you make me immortal?” The thought of endless life, the power he would have over his victims, enjoying their blood, sent a surge down his spine. “After all, we’re not that much different, you and I.”
“Do not compare yourself with us.” The woman’s face soured. “You kill for pleasure. Think of your first kill, that puppy loved you, you know. He would’ve protected you with his life, but you never felt his love.”
The bitch! Obviously she knew all about him. But why? His parents had tried to guilt trip him for killing that pup, but his father was worse when he killed the big game. Only that had been somehow different, hid behind a label of a hunter. “Oh, I know what you’re trying here. It’s not gonna work. I don’t feel a thing for my own useless kind.”
The bald brute of a man jerked his chin at Brandon. “What does that make you?”
“And what’s that worth?” The man leaned forward. Close to see his pupils turning blood red and render Brandon helpless with fear. 

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  1. Wow, Zrinka - that was very creepy! Can't wait to read that one :)

  2. I don't really have one since my parents didn't really celebrate Halloween.

  3. One Halloween, my sister and two of our friends decided to visit an ancient graveyard that was rumored to be haunted. This graveyard was far off the beaten path and required us to drive on dirt roads, over a small stream, and turn onto tiny roads that were little more than paths. When we got close, we began to see torches, such as those one imagines were burned hundreds of years ago, placed at regular intervals along the road, as if leading people to a certain destination. I began to have feeling of foreboding and begged my sister and friends to turn back, telling them I had a bad feeling. My sister, who has always had a deep respect for my premonitions, urged the others to turn back (we weren't in our car), to no avail. Upon reaching the graveyard, we saw people dressed in eerie robes fleeing into the woods. They made no sound when they hit the forest. There was not sound of branches crashing, twigs breaking, etc. They were simply gone. The remains of a huge fire had been hastily kicked apart. Like idiots, we got out of the car to check things out. The large fire (bonfire sized) had been made with the wood laid in intricate patterns. These patterns were still visible and many logs were still burning. Smaller fires were burning around the large one. These fires were laid out in intricate patterns, as well. As we wandered around, someone brushed my hair aside and whispered, "Michelle..." I turned to see who wanted to show me something away from the notice of the others. There was no one there. I put it off to nerves...until it happened two more times. Then, I told everyone they could either get in the car and leave with me or they could stay there. We left. As we passed each torch on the way out, it immediately snuffed to darkness. There was no lingering residue of smoke, and there were no sparks. I'll save what happened when we went back the next day for another telling...