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One Sexy Boy ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS110

Welcome to the 110th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: One Sexy Boy

We all know it just takes one sexy boy to get us going. That boy will turn into the man of our dreams. They can start out on the wrong side of the tracks, the right side of the tracks, the rich side or even the poor side. They can be good or they can be bad, we will love them all the same. They can space ship captains or one who is hired to protect us with their lives. They can be farmers and casino owners and the list goes on and on. But all of them started out as one sexy boy. They give us hidden looks, a longing gaze, with love’s promise shining in their eyes and all the things that come with love.  We love sexy and it’s always so fun to share.

The crinoline, long chemise, and two layers of petticoats presented a challenge stepping over the high sill of the doorway. As soon as she freed the multiple hems that had snagged in the doorframe, she staggered onto the deck, and into Marko’s arms. 
His mouth dropped open as his eyes fixed on her ample bustier, he blew a low whistle. “You could almost pass for a lady.” The look he gave her sent tremors of desire down her arms. As he steadied her, locking his gaze with hers, warmth rushed to her cheeks. “Almost, but not quite,” he said with a naughty smile, pulling the brim of her hat carefully forward so it would hang slightly into the view of her right eye. “Now you look perfect.”
His warm breath brushed her face. The glitter in his blue gaze hypnotized her. He leaned forward and Sirena had the distinct feeling he would kiss her. “Why, thank you,” she whispered, taking a shaky step backward.
From a safe distance, she scanned him from his boots to his face, stopping briefly at his casually opened shirt. Washed and dressed in a proper sailor’s attire, he too resembled a gentleman. The trimmed beard accentuated his sensuous lips. She shivered with the thought of his mouth devouring hers. The familiarity she’d felt around him since the first day had grown even stronger, yet she still couldn’t place where she’d seen him before. “I see the women provided you with
fresh clothing.”
“Yes,” he said, casting a glance down. “Your crew is quite versatile. Who knew one of them had this?” His eyes roamed over her while he nodded. “The dress becomes you. Many of
the finest lassies would kill for such an outfit.”
“Really?” She arched an eyebrow. “This dress will become my death. I can hardly breathe. And this is supposed to be the latest fashion?” The women had grabbed the dresses in one of the raids as if the silk frocks were hot cakes.
“The very latest.” Leaning close to her, he whispered, “I thought your hair was black, but now that you washed all the grime out, it shimmers like honey.” Curling an end around his finger, he pressed the strand to his nose and drew a long breath. “Lavender. Silk. Very beautiful, indeed.”
Whether he’d meant this as an honest compliment or one of his flatteries, his words rushed another wave of heat to her cheeks. What would a man know? Sun drying the fragrant plant, indigenous to this area had been women’s jobs for centuries. “I think you are getting a whiff from the dress. The
dried flowers are kept to ward off moths.”
The scent had opposite effect on him, as it seemed. She stepped to the open starboard railing and glanced down the rope ladder at the dinghy. “You should preoccupy yourself with less frivolous things than the color of my hair. Rowing this boat on your own, for instance.”
“I can handle the boat.” He lowered to the dinghy and held his hands out until she descended the ladder, but dropped them to his sides when she didn’t reach for his help.

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