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Welcome to the 116th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Our Sexy Halloween

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Wow…this is our first ever Halloween here at My Sexy Saturday…we’ve always skirted the day and tried to celebrate the best we could. But today, we can actually bring out all the ghosts, ghouls and scary monsters we keep in the closet. 
My debut novel “Bonded by Crimson” has been released on January 28th 2012, and it is available in all formats at Black Opal Books, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble Kobobooks and All Romance eBooks

Kate’s heart hammered. The experience seemed so real. A low moan escaped her and she bit her lip. Soon warmth surged through her, causing her body to go limp. Her legs gave way underneath her, but Matthias—or whoever this man claimed to be now—wrapped his arm around her waist. His sweet, musky scent clung to her. Ecstasy filled her and she felt as if she hovered in the air. If he intended to kill her like this, she could imagine no better way to die. A voice echoed through her mind, speaking of undying love in centuries old Croatian.
 “Wake up,” he whispered close to her ear, his strong arms still locked around her.
 “I don’t want to.” Her head wobbled, exuberant with sheer happiness, a kind she had never experienced before.
 “You must.” He stroked her hair with tender fingers. “Wake up now.”
 “No. I want to stay like this. Forever.” She focused on his handsome face staring at her through her haze.
 His smooth cheek brushed against hers. “Me too, but you must wake.”
 The fog lifted and his image appeared, clearly now. She blinked once. Twice. What had happened? She pushed away from him and flattened her back against the wall.
 “You, you—”
 “You,” he said, pointing at her, “asked for proof.”

I had many wonderful reviews on this novel, but this is where you can read my absolute favorite review of “Bonded by Crimson”.

"Bonded by Crimson" is a beautifully written, almost poetic piece of literary fiction. The language to me was one of the main strengths of the book.
The story is simple: Kate arrives to become the latest of a string of failed nannies to a remote home in Canada. The Croatian widower both frightens and attracts her but she loves the children and stays…”

“Is Bonded by Crimson, by Zrinka Jelic, a paranormal romance? Yes, it is, but if you’re looking for ravenous werewolves, bloodthirsty vampires, vicious ghosts, or superhuman lovers, it probably isn’t your kind of book. While there are references to the past, the book is set in the present. In the present most people, including the female protagonist, don’t believe in, or at least try to make themselves think they don’t believe in, the paranormal. In this novel the paranormal is real…”

“A refreshing take on a vampire/ghost story. This is packed full of myth and Adriatic charm. I love that parts of the story is set in Croatia and we get to live the beautiful culture and scenery…”

“I Love the story of Kate and Matthias. Taking a position in Matthias as a nanny in Matthias household there is an instant attraction. Who is Matthias and what is his secrets?”

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