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Her Sexy Fantasy ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS121

Welcome to the 121st week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Her Sexy Fantasy

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This week’s theme is Her Sexy Fantasy. Ever fantasize about a romantic weekend? How about that special someone? Or spending the day just hanging out with that person? That’s what this theme is about this weekend.

From "Love Remains" 

Tom’s arm wrapped around Olivia’s waist and her breasts pressed against his rock hard chest, but cold shivers raked her spine all the same. His words rang in her mind. He’d make her burn for him. Though his whisper stirred butterflies in her stomach, she tensed and she couldn’t shake off the feeling he’d meant it as her punishment for coming on too strong. Could he be one of those guys who liked his woman submissive? If so, she would welcome the change in the bedroom. The guys she’d slept with in the past had proved to be all words, but when it came to action, they were spineless or had some weird fetish. Tom struck her as a man who would work her up and take care of her needs before he found satisfaction. Maybe she would finally get to live up her fantasies. Was it too much to ask for a man who would be bold enough to take her and have his way with her?   The mere thought set her skin tingling and coaxed a moan from her. She looped her arms around his neck. “What exactly do you have in mind?”  “Let me give you a small demonstration.” Cradling her head in his hand, his lips seized hers while his tongue ignited fireworks.   She rubbed her hips on his. He must’ve been joking when he’d uttered his threat. His hardness pushed against her. She arched as ecstasy tightened her abdomen. Tom’s embrace was balm on her lonely soul. Nibbling her lower lip, he eased the kiss. She moved her lips to his cheek, getting tickled by the stubble. “If this is punishment, bring it on.”   He pulled back, unhooked her arms and swiped his hand across his lips and cheek. “Good night, Olivia.” His husky whisper didn’t quite match his fierce expression.   She shook her head and huffed. How she wanted to bury her hands in his warm brown hair and explore his tantalizing body. Instead, she slid one finger down the sky blue material on his chest. “Come on, Tom. You wouldn’t leave me like this.”  Fire burned in his honey brown eyes, but his predatory look faded. He placed an arm around her shoulders and ushered her from the office.  “Those were your exact words on our first date. Seems we’ll both be reliving that night.” His voice strained as if he were fighting his desire.   Her hopes rose when he cupped her cheeks in his hands and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Sweet dreams.”   He closed the door, leaving her gaping in the dim hallway. The nightlight cast long shadows over the walls. Every nerve in her body clamored for his touch. Not counting the neighbor with a strange obsession with married women, this had to be the first time a man refused her. How dare he deny her what she craved? Her, a god’s gift to men. Yeah, she could seduce any straight guy and there were plenty of fish in the sea.  But she wanted him.   She banged on the door. “Damn you, Tom.”   Muffled male chuckles sounded through the thin wood. Lips pressed and fist in the air, Olivia was prepared to pound harder. When had she become so needy? Defeated, she lowered her hand and dragged her feet back to her room. Her fury dissipated with every step. There was a time for everything and if tonight wasn’t the night she’d spend in Tom’s arms, the day would come. If the “little demonstration” he’d given her was an indication of the kind of pleasure she would experience, she’d wait an eternity.

Blurb: Olivia Owen, a busy, single, high-functioning, corporate executive officer, is not afraid to die a spinster for the sake of her career. But in an alternate reality world, bridged by the angel of her Down’s syndrome sister, she meets Tom Medar, a dedicated, Croatian defense attorney who dreams of the right woman, but never has time to find her. Together they foil an adulterous murder plot while discovering there’s room for love and family in their busy lives—but not before they are separated again.

When they awaken from their alternate world, will they be able to cross countries to find each other again?

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