Friday, February 5, 2016

A Sexy Encounter ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS127

Welcome to the 127th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Readers, please visit us at our new Author Central where we’ll be sharing even more from our authors besides Saturday’s snippets. We’d love to have each and every one of you there as we’re starting new things this month with fun and prizes along the way.

This week’s theme is A Sexy Encounter…show us the most romantic, the most frustrating or the most exhilarating sexy encounter ever between two lovers…or maybe even between frenemies.

Here's an excerpt from my short story titled "Put a Bow on It" that appeared in a Christmas anthology, "Holiday Spice". I know, the holiday season is over, but the story had not seen much love this year. So, enjoy. 

Danica bit a mouthful of her sandwich. The corporate dude was heading toward her and it would be impolite to stuff her face while he was talking to her. What the hell, she shoved her last bit of the bread in her mouth. The piece was a troublesome to chew, but she managed with a help of a few sips of her soda. Alejandro picked up a conversation with another guy, but stuck close by, turning from time to time in her direction.
“I’m sorry,” Chess chimed, flashing his impossibly white teeth. “I didn’t quite catch your name.”
She forced the mouthful down her throat. “No one did.”
Chess laughed, but it sounded fake, practiced too often. “No, really, what’s your name?”
“Danica.” She enunciated slow, making a tsk sound with her tongue on c letter. Many made the same mistake and pronounce her name changing c to k. Her name was not Danika.
“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” Chess deepened his voice and took the paper plate from her hand, placed it on the table, then wrapped his dry fingers around hers. Probably well practiced tactic, too.
She forced a smile on, but wanted to hurl. Thankfully his hold was limp and she pulled her hand out of his. “Thank you, but I really should be going back to my desk now.”
“Where’s the hurry? Look,” he said, stepping too close for comfort.  “There’s a real party tonight at the hotel, for executives. Gourmet food, fine wines, cocktails and I have a room there. Not these potluck dishes and soft drinks purchased at the local grocers.” He produced a business card from his trousers pocket. “My cell number’s on there. I’ll be expecting your call. Don’t disappoint me.”
Oh, you’ll get disappointed, all right. Instead of reaching for the card in his hand, she glanced at Alejandro then back at Chess. “Would love to, but sorry, I have prior arrangements.”
His eyebrows arched. “Then break them.” He too turned toward Alejandro. “With him?”
None of your damn business, she wanted to shout, but she just shrugged, widening her smile. “I hope.”
Chess’ face dropped, eyes narrowed. “You’re lying. You don’t have any arrangements.”
“No, I really do.” If he thought she’d miss the episode of her favorite show for him and his party, he must be nuts. So what if it was a re-run? She enjoyed the show the second time around.
Bev, who’d been watching them like a hawk from a short distance, stepped in. “I’m sorry for barging in, but this is important. Chess, could you please come to my office for a few moments?”
“Whatever it is, Bev, it can wait.” He spoke without turning to her. Instead he kept his predatory gaze on Danica the whole time. An unpleasant shiver raked up her spine. As a high corporate officer, he had it in his power to ruin her life or he could show her how high she could go. And all these women wanted him not just for his supposedly ‘good looks’ and charm, but also to advance their careers from ordinary office drones stuck in cubicles.

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