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Bring It Home for Sexy ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS135

Welcome to the 135th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Bring It Home for Sexy

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This week’s theme is Bring It Home for Sexy and once again, it can be for any genre. This theme is our nod to burning the home fires and the love that goes with that scene. Every one has their idea of what home means and what it means when they’ve found that one special lover. It can be in a log cabin, a space ship or a home built for that love. It can be near or far, on this world or even another.

From my re-released paranormal romance "Rose of Crimson" a prequel to "Bonded by Crimson". 

The vision stopped. Filled with sadness, Kate searched the darkness behind her eyelids for more. No, he couldn’t have died or there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell here. There had to be more. She jolted back at Miles’s continuous finger snapping. 
“I said that’s it for today.” 
Blinking, she adjusted to the light while questions swarmed. Why did he choose the memory of him dying to begin with? “But—we just started. And you killed yourself, you goof. Why? I gathered that life was tough, but how were you to fix things? Who was this Kate you hurt? My great-great-grandma? Why did you hurt her? What did you mean by if ‘you’d stay dead this time’?” 
“Save your questions.” He put his hand up in a stop-right-there gesture. “I shouldn’t have kept the first vision so long. We’ll continue on Wednesday. What time are you going to be back?” 
“I don’t know.” She shrugged. Again, he avoided all her questions. She should get angry but curiosity prevailed. If only she could keep him talking to her in this human shape. What would she do if he left and didn’t come back? With this short peek into his soul, he wove a connection between them. He couldn’t just walk out the door now and leave. Afraid he would again cease to a faint voice in her mind if she pushed too hard, Kate restrained from shooting more questions. “I have field placement in the afternoon. God, that teacher always keeps me doing her job. I hope to be here by six.” 
He rose slowly. “I’ll be back then. Good luck on your test.” 
Scrambling into his black leather jacket, he opened the door. “Make sure you lock up after me.” 
She grabbed the knob as his hand slipped over hers. His fingers wrapped around her hand. He raised her hand and his lips brushed her knuckles, the intensity in his crystal blue eyes held her under the spell, then he pressed a soft kiss to her hand. The tilt of his head made him appear so sexy, she could leap up and kiss him. Instead, she sighed while he stepped into the hallway and headed for the stairs. Her knees quivered while she turned the locks and leaned against the door. He’d just kissed her in most gentlemanly way. What was the matter with her? Had she’d been on her own for too long? Expect nothing and you shall not get disappointed. But she stopped believing in her mantra and, without her notion, so many things were unclear.  

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  1. Intriguing. I'm interested in these vision and will have to read more! Thanks for sharing.