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That Sexy Moment ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS138

Welcome to the 138th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: That Sexy Moment

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This week’s theme is That Sexy Moment can be about a variety of things. It can be when the characters realize they want to make love. It can be the moment when their eyes meet, when they feel a thrill when they touch and on and on. You get the idea.

It is special and usually a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Like in this excerpt from "Rose of Crimson".

“Stop right here.” Kate’s hiss and yank of her hand out of his brought the vision to a halt. She towered over him when he opened his eyes. Puzzlement replaced his easy feeling as he rose to his feet. “You disgraced her, used her whenever it pleased you, then you married her off to a cripple. Why?” Two deep creases appeared on her forehead as her eyebrows drew closer. “Kate,” he said, taking a step forward. “Yes, my hands beat her, after my lips kissed kissed her, the beast ordered me to kill her in a most savage way, disembowel her. I fought the fiend, but I could feel the drive for blood grow within me. The entity wanted to turn me into a monster. It was the best I could do for her. Master Rokov was a good man. He loved her. Not an aristocrat, but a rich merchant. His family owned lands.” 
Taking a long step backward, she widened the distance between them. “Oh, he owned lands. That makes all the difference. He was a hunchback.” 
“A childhood disease disfigured his face and body, but he was born healthy and able bodied.” Matthias refused to believe Kate could be so superficial. But he had to admit the sight of Master Rokov wasn’t for the faint at heart. 
“He was like Quasimodo.” Her voice shook. Her remark filled Matthias with anger. 
With a swift move, he flattened her back against the wall and caged her in his arms. “Never forget where you came from. The Quasimodo, as you called him, was your great-great-grandfather.” 
Tears glistened in her fear-filled eyes. “No wond—” She swallowed hard. “It’s no wonder Kate’s soul is unsettled. Three centuries ago, it all went wrong. She had high hopes, and with you, she believed her life was worth living. I understand her curse now. She must’ve been crushed when you told her.” 
Seeing Kate disturbed like this, broke his heart and he mellowed. He had torn her ancestor’s hope apart and turned her dream to shame. “Yes, she was. Let’s leave that for the next time.” “I fear—” Her eyes traveled around the room, settling on his face. Her sobs stabbed his conscience and he pulled her to him. “She’ll come for me and drag me to the abyss where her soul resides.” His hand inched behind her head and the other around her waist. 
He tightened his embrace. “She won’t. I won’t let her.” 
Her body jerked with sobs, but she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face to his chest. “You can’t be with me all the time.”
But I want to. He placed a kiss on her head. “No I can’t.” He rocked from side to side. “I too sense that Kate may be up to something, but I have a different feeling. A good one. She’s not on a quest to kill you.”
She sniffed, stopped crying, and tilted her head toward his face. “You think?”
“I do.” He brushed his finger over her lips. So full, soft, and inviting. Yank her hair, let me hear her cry in pain. His fist tightened, grabbing her mane as the beast’s inhumane voice echoed through his mind. He must be imagining things. Lowering his head, he caressed her rosy buds with his lips. A tentative kiss confirmed she wanted this as much as he. She tightened her hold and he deepened his kiss. Sucking on her lower lip, he forced her mouth open. Her warm tongue met his in a slow motion at first then her rhythm intensified, rushing blood to his groin. Bite her, let me taste her blood. There was that demon’s voice again. Why was beast stirring up? He must stop before things heated up.
Pinned against the wall by his torso, she broke the kiss and pulled her head back. “You should go,” she whispered. Her hot breath tickled his neck.
Thank God, she was sending him away. He sucked in the unbearable desire to spread her lithe body under him. He must never allow his cravings to turn into actions. The woman in his arms was not the same Kate he’d used centuries ago, and his love for Emina still burned in him, never to be replaced by another. This Kate deserved better than him. 

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