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Welcome to the 185th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Sexy to the Rescue

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This week’s theme is Sexy to the Rescue. Think fireman, policeman, doctor or anyone that would come to the rescue of someone else. These are those sexy people who put their lives on the line every day to save someone else. They do it without thought of themselves getting hurt and it makes them sexy as hell.

From my freshly released rom-com, "The Wedding Date"

BLURB Nerissa (Neri) Runic, in her late thirties is deemed unmarriageable by her family. So she fabricated a story about dating Mark Warren, a sexy doctor and the gym owner she's been ogling for months. She thinks none of her lies will come back to haunt her. When her mother RSVP s to the cousin's wedding invitation on her behalf including a Plus One, Neri has no choice but to attend...or come clean and face her family's scrutiny. 
Frustrated with everyone trying to fix him up on a blind date, Mark Warren lied about dating an elusive redheaded member of his gym who caught his eye months ago. Only, he fully intends to turn this lie into truth. Once he musters enough courage to approach her, that is. 
With hardly a month before his cousin's wedding, he hopes his mother would reply to the invitation, declining his attendance. But getting out of this obligation is out of question. She expects him to reply with ‘happy to attend with a guest’. 
When they find out they are forced to attend the same wedding, Mark and Neri must practice their 'relationship' in an effort to fool their families into thinking they are a real couple. 
But the thin line between pretending and the real deal is easily crossed.


She did couple of reps, with him standing at the back of the chair and spotting her at each rep.
“You got it. Now, try counting.”
“One,” she said, lifting weights over her head. “Two.” She counted on her way down.
“Still one, but nice try. Only count in one direction, either up or down, but not both.”
She continued, counting to nine.
“Ten.” He counted for her, grabbed the dumbbells from her hands and setting them on the floor. “You’re so quiet. It’s okay to drop the weights, grunt and groan, huff and moan. Let us hear you’re working out.”
She flashed a tight lipped smile. He listed all the sounds she made during sex. “I don’t want to give people wrong idea of what I’m doing.”
He chuckled and tapped her shoulder. “Shake it off and stretch. Do two more sets of ten reps while I quickly call my mom, and remember.”
Her gaze followed his pointing arm at the sign on a wall stating, if you find it easy, add five. She turned to him. “Add five pounds or reps?”
His brows moved closer with his narrowing eyes, as if surprised she would ask him that. “Both,” he said, his voice confirming his expression. “I’ll be back in a few.”
She nodded, watching his reflection in the mirror, until he rounded the corner. Turning her attention to the task he appointed her with, she completed her first set of shoulder presses and put the weights down to stretch.
A shadow cast over her. She tilted her head upward and met Ashley’s pursed lips and narrowed gaze.
Ashley plucked a bud from her ear. “You couldn’t stay away from him, could you?”
“I’m a client just like you and if he wants to train me, you must be crazy to think I’d pass on the offer.”
“Oh, you poor thing.” Ashley’s tone turned into a mocking concern. “You think he’s interested in you? No, hon, he’s playing you. I already told you he’s engaged.”
“You wanna vouch for that?”
Ashley flipped her perfect raven hair. “I see, you probed him for truth.”
Neri tucked loose strands of her unruly and sweaty hair under the elastic band. “Besides, if he’s playing me, what’s it to you? I’ll find out if that’s true sooner or later.”
“I got rid of all of his other girlfriends.” Ashley pointed her French manicured index finger. “I’ll get rid of you too.”
“Including his fiancé? Just leave me alone. I’m here to work out.” Neri bent to pick up her weights.
Ashley popped the buds back into her ears. The music seeping from her headphones indicating she had the volume cranked up to the max. She stepped away from Neri and grabbed a pair of twenty pounds dumbbells. She smiled and perched her tush in front of Neri. “Hey, would you mind stepping aside? You’re blocking my view.”
Neri moved the chair to the left, but Ashley stepped in front of her again.
Ashley only pumped her arm higher and with more vigor. The bimbo couldn’t hear over the blasting music.
Neri leaned forward as she tried to poke Ashley’s back and gain her attention. Her fingers came short of touching Ashley, so she scooted a bit closer, mindful of Ashley’s arm thrusting the dumbbell backward.
Before she could reach out, Ashley’s weight collided with Neri’s nose. Pain ripped through her skull and a distinct sound of bones crushing sent terror through her. She reeled backward, holding her face that felt like it was about to explode.
A body builder next to them, dropped his heavy weights like hot cakes and the gym’s floor shook. He jumped off the bench and pushed Ashley away as she was about to repeat her move. “Get Mark!” he hollered.
“Hey,” Ashley shrieked, dropping the dumbbells. “What the hell?”
“You did this deliberately.” He pointed his arm at Neri.
“Did what?” Ashley finally removed both earpieces and turned the music off.
“Don’t play dumb. I saw the whole thing. Mark’s gonna be pissed.” The bodybuilder held Neri’s head tilted back, but the metallic taste of blood dripped into her mouth.
“It was an accident. She moved toward me in the middle of my set. If she doesn’t know the gym’s etiquette, then let her get hurt.”
“It wasn’t an accident, Ashley. Looked very deliberate to me.” The bodybuilder’s voice took a deep, warning tone.
Mark ran up to Neri’s side. A bag of crushed ice in his hand. “How did this happen?”
“Ashly jammed a dumbbell into the girl’s face.” The bodybuilder stepped away as Mark took over.
Mark growled at Ashley. “I’ll deal with you later.”
The warmth of his hand wrapped around back of Neri’s counteracted the coldness of the ice he held gently over her nose.
“What?” Ashley gasped, pressing her hand to her heaving chest. “You can’t kick me out. I didn’t do anything wrong. Your pet project here doesn’t know not to disrupt someone in the mid-set.”
The anger burned in his eyes as he glared at Ashley, making Neri shiver.
Ashley finally moved from her spot and rushed passed him. “I hate you.”
The bodybuilder’s head seemed to be stuck in permanent slow shake at Ashley’s retreat.
Mark seethed not glancing behind him.
Neri never saw him mad, let alone this mad.
He brushed his lips over Neri’s forehead. “I’ll get you fixed in no time.”
His whisper sent a whole different shiver up her spine. “I’m fine. Really, no need for all this fuss.”
“Neri, your nose is most likely broken. I’ll get you to see a surgeon. Just let me make a phone call. Can you walk? Hold this, don’t press on it.” He let go of the ice bag when she took the hold on it and he wrapped one arm around her waist to hoist her up.
She didn’t protest, only leaned on his arm. The small key to her locker, hanging from the elastic wrapped around her wrist came to her focus. “My stuff is in locker twenty seven. Can you get it?”
“I’ll send a staff member.” He tightened his hold around her. “Don’t worry about a thing. Just know you’re in good hands.”
Her legs turned to jelly with his closeness. Good thing only a few members hang out at the gym as he led her straight to his Jeep. 

Hope you liked this little excerpt and you'll get the rest of the book. It's only $0.99 during the Easter weekend or free on Kindle Unlimited. 

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