Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#OctoberFrights Celebrating all things that go bump in the night

That horrific Halloween I want to put behind me.

Is there a Halloween you wish you could wipe out from your memory?
There is one I'm not fond of. It happened a few years back when the Blue Jays won their first World Series in years. My boyfriend at the time and I were invited to a house Halloween party of his colleague who lives in a rural area with lots of land around his house backing into the woods.
Throughout the evening the hosts organized several, fun and not so scary games and left the best for last. Close to midnight, they asked us to follow them to the edge of the woods and told us we're to take a stroll through there. Just keep to the right, everytime you come to the spot where the path branches, keep to the right and it will lead you back here, they said. You can't miss it, and it shouldn't take you more than ten minutes, tops. Okay, fifteen if we're slow walkers.

And so, off we went two by two, following the narrow path leading through the trees with bare branches. For a while, we could hear voices and laughter and even a few screams, I guess the hosts had a few of their buddies waiting in the bush to jump at the unsuspecting midnight strollers.  Thankfully, I saw a dark figure rising slowly from behind a bush and yelled "I see you there."
He straightened and removed his werewolf mask and said "Oh, crap. I'm having the worst luck tonight."
We continued on, bumped into a few more people on the path and followed them for a bit. They would go one way and we went the other. Always staying to the right. But there were just too many paths out there, who knew?
Eventually, the voices grew distant until we didn't hear anything. It was a calm night, not a breath of wind. Full moon washed everything in silver. I said to my (now ex) boyfriend, "It had to be more than ten minutes that we've been out here. Do you hear anyone? I don't."
His response was, "We're not that far gone. I bet by the next turn it will take us back to the house."
Well, the next thing I hear is water lapping on the shore. We're pretty much on the banks of the Lake Eire. It'll be quite a hike back to the house, but at least we found the paved road. By now I'm fuming. There are no houses on this road, and I really need the bathroom. So my only option is bushes. No cars were passing by and if they did, we must've made quite a sight. Me in a slinky little black dress and ruined heels and him in a dirty coveralls with a bad wig on which each strand stuck in its own direction. (Note to self, wash those cheap Halloween wigs and use hair conditioning so that they look okay).
We made it to the first house on the road, and only the house dog greeted us with loud barking. I was not amused but didn't want to scream at the poor dog and possibly wake up the household.
By the time we returned to our host's house, a few people made it back. They were quiet and sipped on the warm rum drink. The host himself had to get into his pickup and drive around to get the lost souls. Everyone and I mean every single one of us, got lost on those trails. Good thing this was way before the movie "The Blair Witch Project" or I think our experience would be much scarier.

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  1. Sounds like quite the night. At least you didn't run into any ghosts.

    1. Yeah, at least not real ones. I was without a jacket, since it wasn't supposed to take us more than 10-15 minutes walk. But I started to cling to his arm toward the end. He didn't like that.

  2. Oh my, Zrinka - wow - and you were a good sport that night.

    1. I tried. I was losing patience with everyone by the end and was in a pissy mood for the rest of the night.

  3. I would have scared myself the entire time, and then afterwards, be really pissed off. I can see why it wasn't a good memory.

    1. Yeah, it was supposed to be all games and fun, until we all got lost. At least the visibility was good and no one tripped and fell or there could have been injuries.