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Have a new book release? Just signed a contract? You want to reach out to new readers and build an readers' audience. I love to host new and aspiring authors on my blog. The author in the spotlight blog will be posted to my Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Goodreads. Collectively, you'll be reaching out to over 300+ possible readers. I cannot guarantee this will transfer to sales, but you'll get noticed. 

A typical promo package would include your blog post (something related to your book, or how you came to write it, or describe a setting from a scene ...), also include a short excerpt (again tie your blog to your excerpt), a book blurb, cover image, your picture or writer's badge (optional), purchase links and anything you may find useful (e.g. a book trailer on YouTube and your contact info like your blog or webpage.) I also find out that you'll attract more people to leave you a comment if you offer a free copy to your lucky winner who'd be selected at random. Or if you'd prefer a small prize like Amazon or Starbucks gift card.

For more information please leave me a comment and I will get back to you so we can workout details.

Looking forward to hear from you :-D


  1. Hi Zrinka,
    My debut novel 'Angel Heart' was released on Friday by Canadian publisher MuseitUp Publishing. It is a historical romance with a hint of paranormal mostly set in France in 1815. I would love to make it known to a wide audience. Do you think you could help?
    Marie Laval
    PS: I don't know if I should leave my email or blog address here? I notice you joined Romantic Fiction online so you can email me through them or take a look at my blog if you want.

  2. Hi,

    My debut novel, Wolves' Pawn, will go live on January 15th (Wednesday!) if the stars all align and the technology gods smile on me. I would love to get some publicity for it. It's a paranormal romance about a wolf shifter.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    P.J. MacLayne

  3. Hi, I left a comment after reading a little of Wolves' Pawn upon seeing P.J.'s Interview on your site as "vampwriterblog." I'd love an interview to help me get the word out about my Adult Paranormal-Romance series on Amazon and Kindle and would gladly provide a free Kindle copy to a single person leaving a comment. I call the series "Adult" because there is a lot of "explicit togetherness" in the first book, not to be salacious (it certainly wasn't meant to be that way) but to show that my guardian vampires don't suffer the sexual hang-ups humans often do. The second book, "Immortal Relations, Love and War" is all action (I'm a retired Air Force Officer) with nothing explicit in it. My recently released third in the series, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" is more of a political intrigue, also with nothing explicit. I still use the adult caution on the second as there is assassination and warfare and on the third due to attempted murder of one of the lead vampire figures by the current regime in Washington (not realizing he is a vampire who they don't know how to kill).

  4. Forgot to give you my E-Mail on my "Immortal Relations" interview request: and you can preview my books at: (first book) (second) (third)