Want your book reviewed?

Whether you're a traditionally published or indie author, whether you're multi-published or a debut author, you need reviews. And soon you'll find out that writing your book wasn't half as hard as finding your readers. To get under Amazon's radar, you'll need about 100 likes and 50 reviews (not all five stars though or it'll look suspicious).
I'd prefer to buy a copy of your book. Why I want to buy a copy when you would give me a PDF for free? Well, Amazon reviews with "verified purchase" have more merit than those without one and I'm tired of Amazon deleting my reviews. Also, it'll boost your sales. I tweet and share on Facebook that I just purchased a book, another promo for you. However, I cannot afford to buy everyone's book. So, what I'm asking is, gift me a copy from Amazon.

As a fairly new author myself, I too am looking for reviews. Those wiling to swap reviews are bumped at the top of the list. 

If you still want me to read and review your book but want to give me PDF or Mobi file instead of gifting directly from the store, I'd be happy to do it, I'll post the review on Amazon at the risk that Amazon's boots might remove it. It's up to you.

I'll post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and any other site you'd like,Barnes and Noble. If you like me to, I'll send my review to you before I post anything on the Internet. If you think there are too many spoilers, I'll revise that otherwise I don't tweak reviews to your liking.

Now, the disclaimer. In an unlikely event that I don't like your book, I will not post a bad review. I don't post anything under three stars. It is my belief that reading is subjective, and what some find exquisite writing may not strike me as such. I'll send you a private email explaining why I didn't like the book. I will also include a possible review and if you are fine with me posting it, I will, but not before I get your approval.

Five stars means, WOW!! The book captured me and refused to let go.

Four stars is a great book, I liked it but the story didn't pull me in immediately.

I consider three stars reviews good.

Two stars means the book was merely OK or needs more work.

One star would mean, the book was confusing, I didn't see the plot developing, there was no plot, characters felt wooden, dialogue was stiff. Please note, these rarely occur, but I did read such books.

So, if my offer sounds good, let's do it. Leave me a comment on this page with your email addy and I'll get in touch with you.

Happy reading and reviewing!

Update Due to a few rather unpleasant experiences, I'm forced to download a free sample before I commit to reviewing. If I like the sample, I'll contact you. If you don't hear from me, the sample didn't entice me to continue reading. 


  1. Always up for a review! maryschiller@comcast.net

  2. In my search for readers/reviewers for my latest book, YOU CAN RUN, I came across your name on Goodreads and was wondering if you might be interested in a copy of YOU CAN RUN in return for a review?

    To provide you with a little background I thought I would include the following:
    "I had the privilege of reading this novel as a beta reader for Greg Smith, in exchange for my honest review.

    HOLD ON FOLKS!!! YOU CAN RUN is not your average crime thriller. Full of crime, absolutely! A thrilling ride, most definitely! But Greg Smith takes it up a couple of notches, pulls you, the reader, into a dangerous, action-packed FBI operation. You enter the world of 2 U.S. Marines who offer their services to bring down a diabolical kingpin.

    I highly recommend, with 5+ stars, YOU CAN RUN to anyone who's ready for a wild rush!"

    Susan Pilski

    You can also check it out on my website:

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


  3. Always looking for reviews. I can offer a PDF of my new Novel "Whippoorwill."
    For free sample.