Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Perk

Mondays, Mondays ... no mater how much I prepare for it on Sunday, it seems catches me by surprise and rolling out of bed is hard. Especially when grey sky greets you after such sunny and gorgeous Sunday. With only 5 degrees Celsius today in Cambridge, Ontario, discovering that average air temperature on the Adriatic today is  around 26° C and the sea temperature is 17 degrees, it's a perfect day for sailing. 

So considering, I'd rather be sailing. I'm sure this guy knows how to handle her. The ship! I meant the ship, of course!



  1. Hi Zrinka
    Let's pack our bags and get on a plane for the Adriatic. Do you think your pirate could pick us up?
    Got my book today. How exciting to hold it in my hands.

    1. Oh, I'd love to, Bev. Only two months, five days and 6 hours before we go, but who's counting really?
      It's greatest feeling to hold your book in your hands, isn't it? Well, saviour the moment as long as it last.