Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

A snippet of "Bonded by Crimson" for your enjoyment. Also check out The Romancechick Speaks where you'll find all hot releases. First one coming out on May 31st.

Matthias approached with slow steps. His devilish little smile stirred butterflies in her stomach. Her hands trembling, she played with her fingers.

“How are the boys?” she asked to break the awkwardness.

 “Their usual, can’t stay still for one minute. They ask about you all the time.” Matthias’s voice echoed in the stark church interior. “How’s your vacation going?”

“Slow. I’m not used to sitting around and doing nothing.” She laughed, his smile widened.

He nodded. “Enjoy while it lasts. In a week’s time it’ll be over.”

She lowered her gaze from his face to her feet. “I can hardly wait.” Her so-called vacation had left her with an empty feeling only his boys could fill.

“Your family must have been happy to see you?”

Pain stabbed at her chest. “They were, but it was hard. My dad passed away four years ago and—” She took a deep breath and stared over his shoulder. How would she explain she had not come home for Dad’s funeral? “I requested time off work, but couldn’t get it. Besides, I didn’t have the money.”

“I understand.” His soft voice eased the tightness in her ribcage. “So, you like coming here, too?”

Glad he had changed the subject, she relaxed her shoulders. Her family had become smaller and, as their numbers declined over the generations, the more estranged the current members had become. Not something she liked to discuss with anyone, let alone him. “Yes I do. This place takes me back into history.” She sighed. “Wouldn’t it be great to see this church in its former glory?”

“It would.” He pressed his back against the balustrade and shoved his hands in the large side pockets of his cargo shorts, staring at her in silence for an eternal moment. “Will you do
me a favor and sign this?” He extended a book to her. She took the pages bound in a cover of red and white squares with a rose across the middle. Funny, she’d chosen this picture for her novel to have on the sleeve, if it ever got published. Rose of Crimson, by Kate Rokov was printed on the
front. The words started to sink in as she leveled her eyes with his. “You want me to sign this for you?”

He drew a long breath and nodded again.

“How?” she asked. “This never left my computer.”

Puzzled, she searched his face.

His smile vanished. “I found the files on the memory stick on your first day.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “You returned it.”

“Forgive me.” His gaze travelled back and forth from her face to the floor. “I copied the files.”

Silence followed. She stood transfixed. He had copied her files? Why would he?

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  1. Great "teaser." Little stalkerish thing going! Thanks for participating in the first Teaser Tuesday! Hope I'll see you again!