Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When writers succumb to chain letters

I remember many types of chain letters circulating back in those pre Internet days. If you broke the chain some of these letters would predict terrible outcomes for you and your loved ones, while should you continue most amazing things, fame and fortune awaited just the next day. Others were of a different nature, where you should send money or other goodies to the person at the top of the list, then you'd add your name to the bottom and in about 90 days or so, you too would receive whatever the letter promised. But, I wasn't the one to fall for these. However, I'm the one to accept the challenge in writing chain letter sent to me by fellow author from Black Opal Books, Mona Karel..
The idea is to find the first instance of the word "look" in my current WIP and post the surrounding paragraph(s).
So here we go, the first instance of the word "look" in my current work in progress titled "Love Remains" a paranormal romance or it could be a fantasy romance happened on the page 2.

"Nela plopped down, exhaling a heavy sigh. Olivia shuddered when Nela’s tired eyes settled on her. Odd. She’d done this job for the past five years without so much as flinching, but this exhausted woman made her tremble with only one LOOK. Of course, the employee knew why she was summoned.

From across her desk, she scanned the woman. Stringy hair tucked behind her ears, ordinary office attire, a grayish shirt and a pair of black slacks. Besides her plastic wristwatch, the girl wore no jewelry. Olivia’s routine was proven. Thank the employees for their contribution, slide the envelope to them and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Never get on the pity wagon with them." 

And there you have it. Now I get to tag some writers and give them the opportunity to tease us with their works that would become beautiful novels. 


  1. Zrinka, thanks for keeping the chain going! And this excerpt brings back way too many not fond memories!

    1. Thanks Mona. I know what you mean. I hope to convey a message in my next novel. The woman should not be scrutinized by the corporate world because she has chosen to have a family. At lease here a woman can put a picture of her children in her cubicle, I've heard if she did this in the US she wouldn't get far because by doing this, she'd be seen as a mother and a wife first and as a career woman second.

  2. Okay, Zrinka. My WIP is a short story I hope to submit next month. It's about a woman who has been struck by lightning and see and feel the future.

    I don't use look a lot. I think it's a very overused word and will probably change it when I go back and edit. It's a first draft but here it is :)

    As soon as his footsteps faded down the hallway, she opened her dresser drawer. She grabbed her stripped bikini, flung it over her shoulder and continued rifling through her clothes until she found what she was indeed hiding from Jack. With trembling fingers, she opened the folded morning newspaper.


    LOOKING back at her was a young man with his arm around an attractive brunette. There was no need to read the words, blurred by the tears in her eyes. Nora knew the man drowned leaving behind a wife named Rebecca. She was with him during his terror filled chaotic journey to death; felt the cool water rush in and saturate his lungs and worst of all, his heartbreaking last thoughts of Rebecca.

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    1. Thanks for the invite. Tried entering your give away but something didn't work.

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    3. Thanks Andreia. Looking forward to it.