Monday, November 12, 2012

A little something to add magic to your Monday

Good morning all! It's Monday and if your coffee machine can't brew faster at least today's hunk of the week /day will make the wait shorter.

Wonder if it's the water that's waking me up. 

And since it's less than two weeks until the release of "Treasured Chest", I thought it would be nice to treat you to a snippet. 

“I possess a map.” The man’s voice snapped her out of her planning.
She lowered her sword, and her glance, to his feet and flicked a crab into the sea. “Charts are of no interest to me.”
“Ah.” He stroked his chin, leaving sooty fingerprints on his blond beard. “But this is not an ordinary map.” His grin exposed a row of white teeth, a rarity. “It leads to a treasure.”
“Treasure means different things to different people.” Something familiar reflected in his eyes. She stepped back. Now, where had she seen him before?
“True,” he said, “but I believe this map is real.”


  1. Oh, pretty pretty! Thanks for the Monday Morning Wake-Up, and the neat snippet.

    1. Hi Liv,
      Glad you stopped by and liked my choice. If you loved the snipped, I'm sure you'll find the book hard to put down.

  2. Hi Zrinka - Nice excerpt, can't wait to read it. Glad it was short though just because Mr. Monday Morning was a little distracting and hard to keep the eyes focused on your words, LOL.

    I think you need to have a holiday/end of the year contest. Post all the men and we should vote for Mr. Manly Monday 2012. I am partial to my hot stregone, though. I think it would be fun and maybe you could incorporate a Treasured Chest give away.

    1. Glad you stopped by, Debbie. Thanks for a great idea. I think I'll do that.