Monday, November 5, 2012

Whoohoo! Another Manly Monday

I know, I know. I've been bad and have not posted a hunk of the week in a while. But I hope today's choice will more than make up for my negligence. Let's start of with a Monday's joke first. I hope your Monday is going fine and no one looks like this. 

So, today's Hunk del giorno is graciously provided by Debbie Christiana Don't worry Debbie, I'll give him back in fairly good shape. We had some fun with this guy on Facebook, but can a girl ever have enough fun with such Stregone or Wiccan?  

Yum, one hot cat. And the best part is I'm getting a really nice story that would include him as a hero, or a character resembling him. Don't know much about the story yet other that will have something to do with providing a witness protection in his castle. 


  1. Have all the fun you want with him, I think he can handle it :) I can definitely see him living in a castle practicing Stregheria with his familiar until the unsuspecting witness comes along... good luck!

    1. Thanks Debbie, you're a true friend Yes, the story would go something lie that.