Monday, February 11, 2013

Manly Monday Inspiration

Good morning and I hope you won't ask me to prove it. How's your Monday going? If just now you're getting hit with a realization that the weekend's over and the work week has begun, I know, I know...
So, I guess I should cut through the chase. But first a Monday funny to get you going.

On to our man. And what man it is. He does the laundry and from the look of it, he hasn't done a load in a while. If he's closer, there's a pile waiting in my laundry basket. Wonder if he cooks too. Or what other house work he's handy at.

And remember!


  1. Happy Monday, Zrinka! In the past three days we've had a blizzard, below zero temps with windchill and today, ice and sleet on top of the all the snow.

    So my laundry has been piling up, please send your guy over, I need his help :)

    1. Same here, today's weird to say the least. It's sunny at the moment, but a minute ago we had a downpour. After all the snow on the ground, this will turn everything into a terrible slush. Ugh! Yep, I can't keep up with laundry either and could use some help.

  2. I totally wouldn't make him work. Just send him!