Monday, March 25, 2013

A very happy manly Monday

To my pleasant surprise, I stumbled across this fabulous picture of David Gandy. To those of you who didn't know, I modeled my hero from "Bonded by Crimson", Matthias Zrin by David. So if you read my debut paranormal romance, how did I do? Is this how you pictured him? At least something close to this, I hope.

So it's only fitting to leave you with a snippet from "Bonded by Crimson" the part where Kate first comes face to face with Matthias. 

"Kate carried two stacked boxes and made it to the top of
the stairs. The smaller box tipped and the contents spilled out,
scattering over the hardwood floors and under the door of her
new “Master’s” chamber. She cringed, so much for her being
The door swung open, causing her to snap her gaze to the
man standing in the entrance. Mr. Zrin wore pyjama bottoms,
an unbuttoned shirt crumpled around his biceps. She
swallowed hard at the sight of him. Her heart drummed as she
scanned his face. His eyes—narrowed, blue crescents—and
dishevelled ebony hair caused her to force a smile in spite of
her clenched teeth. No way could this man be forty-four. He
appeared much younger.
She peered behind him. The tangled sheets on the large
bed meant she woke him with her clumsiness.
“I am so very sorry—I apologize—I didn't mean to.”
Words rushed out of her mouth. She knelt, scooped up her
belongings in haste, and shoved them into the box. Darn, she’d
had one chance to make a good impression on her new boss
and she blew it.
Gathering the scattered pens and papers, she trembled on
her knees in front of him. Would he help her or just stare
down at her? He closed the door. She exhaled, balling her
hands into fists, fingernails digging into her palms. Could the
doctor have been any more lacking in good bedside-manners?
She picked up the box and got to her feet. The door of the
children’s room popped open before she entered her suite.
Two dark haired boys tumbled out while a third golden blond
one meandered out, rubbing his eyes."

I hope your Monday goes smooth and painless. 


  1. Love me some DavidG. And yeah, I see the connection to Matthias, although in most of your book he wore more clothes than that...

    1. Hahaha, Liv. Yes for the most part. Except for those hot bedroom scenes, or there's that one in the back of the limo after he just got married, well, didn't shed his clothes there but got Kate a bit ruffled.

  2. Oh my, Zrinka, can we enlarge the picture and see the rest of him? Please.... Yes, I pictured Matthias eyes intense like David's :)

    Another great choice for our weekly inspiration.

    1. Wish I could see the rest of him, Debbie. I'm glad it inspired you to write on.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lyn. Yep, he's irresistible.

  4. The excerpt is great. The man is okay. He looks a bit angry to me. But I am enjoying his body. I don't know if you can ever outdo the guy from two weeks ago. I am still hung up on him wishing he'd hang up his towel.

    1. I'm trying, Nana, I'm trying. You never know what you'll find on any given Monday.