Sunday, March 10, 2013

Manly Monday - Daylight saving time edition

Good morning! I'm sure you won't lynch me if I can't prove it. As if Mondays weren't bad enough on their own, now we must suffer the worst day of the week on one whole hour of sleep less. And for what? So that we could enjoy an hour of daylight more.
This is my favorite about the whole notion behind this.

 All things considered, I'd rather sleep that one hour. So I figure we'll all need extra booster today. An ordinary man just won't do. And I got a real eye candy for you all.

I think he should drop that towel. Who's with me? Sigh, wish I could stare at him all day, because I'm no good today for anything else. Unless he comes over, than it's a different story. 


  1. He can turn my clock ahead any day :)

  2. What's sad is if he dropped the towel, it would probably ruin the fantasy for all of us. LOL Better to let the imagination have free rein in these cases.