Sunday, April 21, 2013

M, m, m, .... Monday!

Good morning and welcome to another addition of Manly Monday.

Hope your weekend passed slowly and lazy and you've done a lot of relaxing and are now ready to face the week. (I can just hear you all sighing 'yeah, we wish') Mine whizzed by and after 4 loads of laundry, tidying and cleaning, I don't feel like I had a weekend. I'm tired and not ready for Monday, nor the rest of the work week.

Well, at least our man of the day is here, ready to cheer us up. I hope the morning find you all like this, with the phone off the hook.

In case you woke on the wrong side of bed this morning, here's little something. And God knows how much I love this guy. A bit of the Gandy candy to sweeten your day. Enjoy. 

OK, that's enough for now! 

Thank you and come again!


  1. How sexy is that first picture? Love it :)

    Could look at Mr. Gandy Candy forever!

  2. Happy Monday, ladies! Love both pictures - keep going from one to the other, trying to decide which is better!

  3. Me too Liv. My vote lies with Gandy Candy. Yum.