Monday, July 15, 2013

Mature and Wet Monday

Another Monday morning and it's a good one for me.

My third novel, a time travel romance "Love Remains" is released today by Crimson Romance. I hope many will find it an enjoying read. Do check it out and snag a copy for yourself while there.

So, onto our Monday manly business.

I wanted to stay with the mature theme this week too, but the best I could come up with was this guy. I still like him, especially his eyes. Gorgeous! He can be talking whatever, wouldn't make the difference to me, I'd be just starring and going um-hm.

Yes, the hero in my next romance is going to be mature, but stirring some twister of emotion in the heroine. I can't wait to start working on that one. I just mapped the story so far and the ideas keep coming to me. 

And since it's Monday and we may be in a greater need of waking up, even if Folgers in your cup is enticing your senses. Perhaps a little boost would be good, or you may call it a turbo charging, but I think this guy is quite enjoying this wave. 

Yum is all I'll have to say!

Hope your Monday goes smooth after this and do come back for more each Monday! 


  1. great post as usual, Zrinka, love the guy's eyes. Heck, he's just so yummy :)

  2. Oh my, Mr. Mature has dazzling eyes for sure - love him :)

    It's almost 100 degrees here today so if you could direct me to that guy's wave I'd be happy!

  3. Yummy pictures, Zrinka! Either of them would wake me right on up.

  4. Congrats on your release Zrinka. Holy schmite that mature guy is fine. I keep going back. You have truly made my day.

  5. Congratulations on your new release! How exciting! My husband would get sooo jealous if I started posting about yummy men like that :o)

  6. Two scrumptious men!!! Thanks, Zrinka. And Congratulations on your release!!