Monday, August 12, 2013

A bit of magic to your Monday

Morning! It's time to rise and shine!

Hope your weekend was productive, you got done lots on your list and most of all, wrote even more. My attempt at short story that I was working on for Christmas anthology is now approaching 14K words and the story is coming along nicely. I'm hoping to have it completed at around 20K and then start to submit it. Don't know where yet. It's kind of strange story I think, a bit dark, yet feel good paranormal Holiday story. Not sure there's market for it, but at Christmas anything goes.

Now it's time to roll out of that bed and hit the ground running. But it would be so nice to spend another five minutes under the covers. Don't you think?

Well, I was going through my "archives" of Manly Monday pictures and noticed a few that I never got to post. At least I don't think these guys cheered us up on Mondays.

And as I said above, five more minutes in bed would be so nice. I think our first guy of the day feels the same.

But then if he spent his weekend catching up on gym time, and worked up some good sweat, he deserves another five minutes, and that is all he'd get from me. 

Speaking of working up some sweat, I came across this guy and he worked up some. Don't you just love it the way it glistens on those defined muscles? It's something to stare at. Unfortunately, that thing work calls and I have to go, don't let that stop you from ogling. 

Looks like it's arms and chest day for him. Yesterday it was a leg day for me and today I'm in pain. But he makes the discomfort bearable. 
Have a great Monday all!

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