Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manly inked Monday

Hello all!

In my search for the Monday hunk, I stumbled upon some great specimens, but a pull for this week's treat took me to the tattooed boys. Which surprised me, since I'm not big on tats. But these are very tasteful.

Say hello to my first pic of the Monday.

Yeah, I feel his pain. It seems it's Monday for him, too. 

Well, at least now we know we're not the only ones suffering. So if the above guy hadn't done it for you, maybe this hottie will pop your eyes open. 

Those pats look pretty tight. Who wants to help him with it? I'm not sure if they're stuck going up or coming off. In either case, watch for that zipper. 

LOL! Hope your Monday goes smooth as well as the rest of the week. In two more weeks and  our kids are going back to school. Yes, it's a most wonderful time of the year. 


  1. They're both yummy but I pick hottie number 1 - I like his tarts :)
    Two nice choices, Zrinka, like always!

  2. You are one funny lady Zrinka. Thanks for the Monday Pick me up.

  3. I'm kind of speechless...