Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Boyz

Good Monday to you,

As summer slowly winding down, I tend to get sentimental. Sure every season has its charms, but nothing beats summer. For one, I know when I wake up I won't find my driveway under 5 feet of snow with more coming down. Insert my husband grumpy voice here "What are you complaining about? You never get up an hour earlier to shovel it."
But let's forget winter and enjoy this last few weeks of summer. Therefore I dedicate the last Mondays of this summer to beach boyz.
I know, I can post beach boyz anytime through the year, but I just want to enjoy what little is left of this summer.
Hope this will wet your appetite for this Monday.

And in case the above guy failed to do the trick, take another sip of your coffee or go refresh you cup then come back for our next beach bod, I mean boy. 

And there you have it. Can't get this kind of visual by looking at the guy in his snow gear. So, summer wins! 

May your Monday be a productive one!


  1. Beach vacation in Canada this year and surprised to see more sculpted bodies than usual. Was a true treat! Thanks for a mini eye vacation, Zrinka.

    1. Really? Which beach did you go to? I'd love to see it because the only place I see sculpted bodies is in the gym. And usually only those that have nothing to show but flab are the ones to put on spandex. God bless them.

  2. I truly look forward to Mondays... Oh my, those are some sexy thighs on guy #2...and calves and, etc :)

  3. Yep, they definitely wouldn't look the same on the ski slopes...

  4. Here in Australia, we're coming out of winter and making our way into Summer... So down here, the guys can remain with as few clothes on as possible:)