Monday, September 9, 2013

One more glimpse of summer

Good morning and I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine passed by too fast. But on a happy note, I'm finished writing Deck the Halls. Now the hard work begins. Submitting and we all know how much we all love that.

No matter what, I still must post my Monday men and this day is no different. The summer is still not officially over, and I like to stay in the theme until the end, or until the fat lady sings, whichever comes first. Funny that I should get a sunburn at the end of the summer. Figures, we had pretty rainy July and August was too kind of yucky until the end of the second week. Then we had a bit of summery weather but it quickly turned toward autumn kind of days.

So to chase those fall clouds gathering in the distance, here's your beach boy #1.

I'm sure your eyes popped up by now, just in case you need more, here's beach boy # 2. 

I know, men in kilts are just irresistible. My only complaint is that he could raise that tartan a bit, show off some leg. Why not? I mean, we women are expected to do the same. Though, trust me, some legs I'd rather not see. LOL! 
Anyway, there you have it for today. Have a happy and productive Monday and may the rest of you week be blissful. See you next Monday. 
Hang in there, Friday's coming. 


  1. Beach guys thighs look like they could crack a coconut. Awesome!

  2. The first guy is great, but you're right, a man in kilt is simply irresistible, oh my!

  3. Lol. I too am in lust for the second guy.