Monday, December 23, 2013

Sexy Santa Grand Finale

Good morning!

Only two more sleeps until Christmas. I hope you're ready. Or if not, you have a few small things to get, like me. The "big" shopping is done.

So if you still have to dash out there and get your shopping done or maybe wrap your presents, I won't keep you long. Unless of course you'd rather stay and ogle our Sexy Santa.

Um... Santa? You may want to watch out for that buckle. I know this guy made his rounds around Facebook, but he was still mention worthy. Would like to see that tiny tat on his hip. 

And to top our Christmas, here's the grand finale of all Santa's. 

I'll take #3 to go! No wait. #1 & 2. Oh hell, pack them all. Something tells me Santa won't leave one of these hunks under my tree. Oh well. 

Hope you all have a very sexy Christmas.