Monday, January 13, 2014

Manly Monday

Good morning,

And a good one it is for today I have not one but two hot, HOT guys. Both fitness models and personal trainers. You can find them on Facebook tantalizing our imaginations.

So let's say hi to Bruno Spinelli. Just look at that bicep. I trained extra hard over the weekend just because of him. If this is not one fine Italian specimen than I don't know what is. Debbie?

In some odd case you're not in a mood for Italian, some Russian (at least I think he may be) can get your juices going. 

Therefore say hello to Sergi Constance. 

Nice... um everything, but would you mind lowering that leg? Oh well, some things are best left to our imagination. 

So there you have it. Keep ogling and drooling. I'll be back to check all your juicy comments. 


  1. Thanks for the wake-up call, Zrinka! It'll be a good day now.

  2. He should lower his leg and turn to face the camera.

  3. Squeal - You mentioned me (I hope it's me) in the same paragraph with the gorgeous Bruno Spinellli? Swoon.....