Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Double Delight Tuesday

Good morning all!

I'm done with winter joy and more than ready for summer warmth. This year must be one of the worst winters I remember. And we had some memorable ones. 

Though there's a tiny note of the Spring in the air, there's still light when I leave my job at 5 in the evening, the perpetual snow and ice is sucking the living light out of me. So much so, that I wasn't in a mood for Manly Monday. 
And I had these two fine gentlemen lined up for it. So this week I decided to to mature. 

Let me know your pick. 

Cute and playful OR

Serious but pleasing? 

Hope your Tuesday as well as the rest of the week goes splendid. 

Just heads up, I'll be starting a new feature on this blog. Book reviews and discussion. Meaning, I'll read the book, review it and send you some questions about the book. If this interests you let me know and I'll get in touch with you. 


  1. Oh, Wow, I can't decide. I guess it depends on my mood. Right now I'm with cutey on top, but later, I'd like a chance with serious boy...

    And a review and questions sounds awesome, Zrinka!