Friday, November 7, 2014

A Sexy First ~ @MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week of My Sexy Saturday. 

This week’s theme is a sexy first. A sexy first could be anything: a sexy first kiss, a sexy first meeting, a sexy first spaceship ride with that sexy someone. And no matter what your concept of a sexy first may be, you love to read all about that wonderful moment.

So here's an excerpt from my paranormal romance "Love Remains" depicting Tom kissing Olivia for the first time. Only, it wasn't the first time for Tom. In his world, they are married for the last six years. In hers...not at all. She is hard core corporate b**ch and has no scrupulous when it comes to earning that next promotions and subsequently, a nice raise in pay that comes with it. She has no desire to tie herself down with a husband and a kid or two. So you can only imagine her surprise when she arrives home from a business trip to find what she despised the most. But love does have a funny way of helping us through. Would she give the love a fair chance? 

Before he reached the garage side door leading into the house, she stopped him. “Where did we meet?”
One hand on the doorknob, he smiled at the fond memory. “In the campus library, by the entrance there was a huge photocopier. You came in and scanned the room as if searching for someone. When I saw you, I said something like, ‘How can a man concentrate with so many girls around? What a gorgeous girl.’”
A grin lit her pretty face. “That was you?”
Tom gasped and hope kindled in him. “You remember?”
“I remember someone said those words, but that was it. I never dated the guy or knew who said it. Until now.”
“You gave me the dirtiest look ever and left. I ran after you and we had a coffee in the cafeteria.”
“See? In my life I walked away. Our stories differ. I am not your wife, but I’ll pretend to be until this is over.”
At his sigh of exasperation, she pursed her lips. How he yearned to kiss them. Her soft yet eager lips pressed against his throat and trailing down his chest during their last lovemaking, flashed in his memory. He wrapped her in his embrace and pulled her to him. “I don’t want you to pretend.”
His lips crushed hers and she welcomed him with her warmth and a soft moan, leaning into him. Her hungry kiss reminded him of their first date when he’d taught her the difference between lust and love. He pulled away, and judging by her pouty lips and closed eyes, he left her wanting more. “Why are we standing here in the freezing garage? Let’s go in.”

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