Friday, December 12, 2014

A Sexy Morning ~ @MySexySaturday

This week’s theme is A Sexy Morning. Don’t you just love it when you see characters have a snuggle down day that starts with an awesome morning? Or how about making love at dawn on a planet far away? Or watching the morning sky together for the very first time as the sun tops the ridge?  This is a theme about that special time of the day where only lovers go. Do they wake up next to each other and wonder how they got there? Or are they all over one another?

For the lovers, Julie and Zach in my Christmas novella "Deck the Halls" the special time of day just happen to be the late night, or perhaps early morning hours, while it is still dark. 

She rose on her toes and touched her lips to his. He slid his hand between their bodies and unbuttoned her blouse. Her soft, silky skin promised that he’d live up all of his fantasies. The thought sent a fresh gust of hot desire through his bloodstream.  Lacing her fingers with his, she turned the light off in Lexa’s room.
She led him to her bedroom and closed the door. Her unbuttoned blouse hung loose on her shoulders, the swell of her breasts spilled from her bra. He tugged on the lace and freed her nipple, sucking on rosy bud until it pebbled in his mouth. She tipped her head backward and whimpered while her fingers tunneled through his hair, pulling him closer to her skin.

 He wrapped his arms around her, slid his hands to the small of her back, then yanked her against the hardness of his body. The scent of her arousal filled the air and hardened him in an instant. In a few slow steps, he backed her against the edge of the bed and lowered her onto the soft covers. “It’s our turn. Let’s have a merry little Christmas.” 

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  1. It sounds to me as if they might get their wish. ;)

  2. Dusk. Dawn. Any time is fine. just bring it.