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This week’s theme is I’m So Sexy and there’s nothing more interesting that someone who exudes sexiness but doesn't flaunt it. These are those who are naturally sexy, like the girl or boy next door. Or the boss who acts like a nerd. Or maybe one who wears something that makes someone want to strip them bare. Those are the characters we want to read about. Those with city, country or maybe even other-worldly charm that knocks our socks off every time.

So here's an excerpt from Bonded By Crimson, with Kate's sexy boss Matthias. My debut novel “Bonded by Crimson” has been released on January 28th 2012, and it is available in all formats at Black Opal Books, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble Kobobooks and All Romance eBooks

“How do you find Templar’s Journey?”
She gasped at Matthias’s voice and sprang to her feet. The book dropped to the floor with a heavy thud.
“You startled me, Mr. Zrin.” She reached for the novel, not taking her eyes away from her barely dressed boss. A strap held his robe in place around his hips. The collar hung casually open to reveal the pale skin of his chest.
He leaned on the doorframe. “How come you are up this late?”
“I have a headache.”
He disappeared behind the coat closet door and brought out his doctor’s bag. “I can give you something mild to help you sleep.”
“Thanks, but aspirin won’t help.”
He rummaged through his bag. “You have a migraine. I know.”
“How did you know?”
“You were quiet during the dinner and kept pulling on the same eyebrow. Rosalia’s stew was delicious but you didn't taste it. Having a sick stomach is normal for a migraine.” He wrinkled his nose and gave her a sympathetic smile. “But what really gave you away was the fact you evaded sitting at your favorite place in front of the huge window. The light hurt your eyes, I believe?”
She shrugged one shoulder, frowning, trying not to let him know how pleased she was that he was paying so much attention to her.
“Here, take this.” He held a pill on his palm.
She picked the capsule and examined its triangle shape. “What is it?”
“The new drug for migraines. I had a pharmaceutical sales rep in my office yesterday. He left me the physician samples. If it alleviates the pain, I’ll write you up a prescription.” Mr. Zrin left the room, apparently headed for the kitchen. “You’ll need
water,” he called over his shoulder.
Wouldn't it be interesting to see if he could find his way around the
To her surprise, he returned with a tall glass and handed it to her. “You’re upset over the school incident, aren't you?”
She popped the pill in her mouth and chased the pink capsule down with a long gulp of water. “Yes, your boys are the sweetest little things. How can someone bully them?” Her throat tightened and she closed her eyes for one brief moment.
When she opened them again, his face was a few inches away from hers.
“Ivan is fine, and the school will do whatever is in their power to stop this from happening again. And so will we.” His tender voice had a calming effect on her frail nerves. He took the glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table. A tear rolled down her cheek. He cupped her face and wiped the droplet away with his thumb. “Don’t cry. Please.”
She shivered at this touch. He slid his hand behind her neck, pulling her into his embrace. In spite of her better judgement, her arms rose and slipped around his neck. She was in Heaven, enveloped in his masculine scent. “Matthias, at last, at last. I waited for so long.” What the heck was she saying? The yearning inside her tightened her chest.
“No, my dove. You mustn't do this.” He brushed her hair back. A pained smile stretched his lips before he let her go.
Kate took a step back, holding her hand pressed against her heaving chest. “I—my head feels better. I’ll return to my room.”
He bowed. “You do that.” The cushions of the white chair bent under him when he sat.

Love isn’t in the cards for her…

After her short failed marriage, Kate tries to rebuild her life and takes a position as a nanny to three small boys. She quickly grows to love them, but their father, terrifies her, while igniting a passion she didn't know she possessed. Disturbed by his distant manner with his sons, Kate struggles to make him more involved in the boys’ daily lives. Her efforts are mysteriously supported by an entity that cannot really exist. Or can she? And if she does exist, is she really trying to help Kate, or just take over her body?

But when he deals the hand, all bets are off…

Six years after his beloved wife passed away, Matthias is still trying to become the father she wanted him to be. Not an easy task for a three-centuries-old immortal. His search for the ultimate nanny ends when Kate Rokov stumbles to his home and into his arms. The immediate attraction he feels for her seems like a betrayal of his dead wife, a love he’s harbored for over three hundred years. But when Kate is stalked by a deadly stranger, life he clung to in the past begins to crumble and break down. Can Matthias learn to trust and to love again in time to save his family from disaster, or will his stubborn pride destroy everything worth living for?

For more story of Kate and Matthias, don't forget to check out Rose Of Crimson, a newly released prequel to Bonded By Crimson. 

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