Friday, April 10, 2015

Are You Sexy? ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS87

Welcome to the 87th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is Are You Sexy and those characters who are sexy yet very comfortable about it. They’re comfortable about being in their own skin, being the best at something, heck, they’re comfortable on almost everything. But there is one thing they having quite mastered: love.

From "Treasured Chest", a pirate's romance released on November 24th is available at Black Opal Books Amazon Barnes & Noble AllRomance eBooks Smashwords and Kobobooks

And just like last night when he’d promised to show her his love each and every day, her expression changed. She appeared scared as her chest rose and fell with her rapid breathing. Did she think his love for her would fade in an instant just because of this scroll? If any of this held any truth, there were those who’d dispute his claims and stop him from
reclaiming the rank. Marquis had not existed in decades and over the years the title diminished.
He wrapped her in his embrace. “If anything, it should be me who will bow before you.”
Brushing her lush lips with his, he nibbled her soft skin. She sucked in a breath and welcomed his kiss. Her mouth took his mind on a whirlwind of pleasure and he let the scroll slide from his fingers. He dug his hand in her mane and continued to tease her tongue with his. The pressure building in the crotch of his breeches urged him to lay Carmen down on the nest of blankets once more.
He’d thought he’d satiated his hunger for her with last night’s love making, but in fact it only had left him yearning for more. “I want you, Carmen,” he breathed against her lips, and her surrendering sigh confirmed she was willing to be his again.
He would satisfy her with all the pleasure she deserved, hour after hour.
“Cap’n.” Marta’s raspy bark echoed through the cavern.


The last thing Captain Sirena expected to find on a desolate island was...him!

When Carmen Ventura takes up her post as commander of the Strega, she becomes the new Captain Sirena, the legendary pirate most people think is just a myth created to scare children. Her first quest is to search for the “treasured chest” hidden by her predecessor. But before she can even begin the hunt, she runs into Marko Lucin, captain of the Levant and Carmen’s most insane adventure yet.

How can the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen be a bloody pirate?

Never one to pass up an adventure, especially where pretty women are concerned, Marko finds his ultimate challenge in Carmen. Not only does he fall for her courage, spunk, and intelligence, but the lady pirate can also help him get what he wants—the famous treasure everyone whispers about. His only problem—how long can he play the charming captain before she discovers his true intentions?

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