Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's pick -up

Yet another Monday is here. Cold one in Ontario. It's partially sunny, with some gusty cold wind that make me stay indoors and do, well ... nothing really.

But since it is manly Monday and we all need an extra jolt besides a gigantic cup of Java, here's our weekly hunk. Hope your eyes will pop awake and you'll shift into a higher gear and accomplish everything on your to -do list fast. So you can come back and stare at our hero.

Of course it would't be a Monday with out a teaser from "Bonded by Crimson"

“Matthias,” she whispered, her mouth searching his, her
body shaking like a twig.
“I’m yours, Kate. Forever.” His husky whisper sent
another rush of bliss through her. “Will you be mine?” page 173

And don't forget to check back on Thursday, the 28th. I'm participating in two blog hops, Canada Day and Independence Day. There'll be give aways and prizes. Don't miss out on it.


  1. Love it! Happy Monday...

    1. I knew you would, Liv. Happy Monday to you too.

  2. Awesome excerpt, Zrinka! Happy Monday!

  3. Hey, that cat looks like mine! Hmm, where's your Canada Day post?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by. My Canada Day Blog Hop is on its separate tab. At the top of the page, under the header picture and above blog description, you'll see different tabs. Click on the one you're looking for.