Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Manly... Tuesday?

Well, with Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend behind us, I'm making due today on Tuesday, the day after the turkey dinner.

As many, we too headed out of town for the long weekend. Our destination was the cottage. It is an extended family tradition to gather there once a year for this holiday and celebrate, sit around the bonfire, catch up on news and so on.

 And as the weekend comes to end we head home on our usual 5 hours trek following highway. 
Since there are only two seasons in Canada, winter and construction. The first season hasn't started yet, though it is undeniably on its way.   Therefore the only other thing that slowed our progress home was the dreaded road construction. So our trip turn to 6 and half hours of sitting in this:

If only there was a road warrior like our hunk of the day to gawk at, it wouldn't be all that bad. 


  1. Sigh...US road workers don't look like that. Maybe I should move to Canada...

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Zrinka. I don't care what day manly day falls on, as long as you keep putting up pictures, I'll be stopping by. Again, very nice choice!!