Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mainly Monday... on Wednesday?

My apologies for the silence as of late. I had a couple of guest bloggers and I wanted to keep their authors' spotlights at the top. Now I'm back in business and have to admit I missed our hunks of the day.

But first a short snippet from "Treasured Chest" 

Fierce fire flashed in her eyes. “You don’t know a thing about me. Listen, I’m here to make you understand. You cannot occupy my quarters.
With one hand placed on the door next to her face, he leaned toward her. “There is no glory in kicking a poor captain out of your cabin, nor is there shame in bunking with me for a
night. Or two.”
The blush on her cheeks deepened and gave her that irresistible appearance of a yielding maiden. “Who do you take me for, Captain? Some saucy wench?”
Stunned by her words, he pulled back. “I hope you are as sharp with a sword as you are with your tongue.”
“I can handle a blade just fine.” She swiped his arm aside and strutted onto the deck.
He followed her. “Then why don’t we settle this with a friendly fencing match?”
At the top of the stairs, she halted and turned to him. “A fencing match?”

Yes, these two deferentially redefined the chemistry. Hope you like them. 

So, for sticking by here's your reward. Enjoy! 

With such defined chest, who needs to see his face? 

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