Monday, February 25, 2013

Manly Monday

Good morning it's Monday!

And that means only one thing. To chase that sleep away from your eyes and lift the brain fog so that you can spend the rest of the day, and hopefully the week, in a good mood.

When the alarm went off this morning, I truly did not want to roll out of cozy bed. And I wouldn't if it wasn't for the annoying song playing on the alarm clock.

However, if I shared my bed with this guy, instead of my five year old who kept poking his toes into my back the whole night, I doubt anything would drag me out the bed.

Enough ogling? OK so in that case, I'll leave you with a snippet from "Bonded by Crimson"

She eased her head into the downy pillow and curled into a ball. The hum of the generator indicated the central air-conditioner was set on high. Within minutes, she shivered under the thin covers. The urge to sneak into his room and snuggle up next to him assailed her, but she resisted. He was the one who read her mind. It should be him who came to her.

Her eyelids started to droop and she yawned, but sleep wouldn't take her. She needed him to chase the darkness away and take her through to the break of the dawn. Her mind was hovering somewhere between sleep and wakefulness when the door to her bedroom opened.

She opened her eyes and saw him standing beside the bed. It had to be a dream. Then he lifted the covers and slid in beside her. His arms scooped her up and spooned her against him. No, this all felt too real, too right, to be a dream. He really had come to her.


  1. I'm a little under the weather today and this made me feel much better about going back to bed to take a nap ;-)

    1. Glad I could help if only a bit. Hope you feel better, soon.

  2. That's a great excerpt Zrinka. The man looks a little pouty, like he's missing me.