Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Manly Tuesday

Sorry ladies, I meant to get our man up yesterday. It was a holiday here in Ontario, well for some. Since it's a provincial holiday, not federal those who work for the federal government still had to roll out of bed and go to work.
I took the kids to the local YMCA for the open swim time and what a mistake. The pools were packed and there just wasn't any way a person could actually swim, well not without getting someone's foot in your face. So I soaked in the chlorine saturated water for over an hour.
And after watching a number of tattooed guys with their guts hanging below their waist and covering most of their swim trunks, I'm in a serious need of a 'real' guy. Really not getting the whole thing behind the tattoos and the piercing. Do they think that makes them more of a man? OK enough of my rambling, you'd ramble too if it happened to you.

Since we're still under a blanket of snow, I'm dying for some beach weather and warmth, sick of the winter coat, boots, sweaters, gloves, scarfs, hats... Oh well, deep breath in and slowly out... I'll have to settle for this. Hope you like him.

Enjoy your Tuesday and come back for more next week. 
Oh, and keep on writing, that goes without saying. 


  1. It was a holiday for us here too so we don't mind our man being late as long as he arrives. We are under the same blanket of snow with more coming, but this guy seems like he could keep us ladies warm.

    Off to edit :)

    1. Hope your editing will go smooth now that you've feasted your eyes. Did my critique help you?

  2. Zrinka, did you see him at the pool :)
    I'd run from the pool if I was faced with what you were so brave to do. Nice article :)

    1. Ah, If I saw him there, I'd be swimming toward him not away. However, there was this buffed guy there, he had a kid with him though, but I couldn't help but think, what the hell is he doing in the wading pool? Really appeared out of place, surrounded by mommies, babies and toddlers. His kid was older, I don't think he could swim, which is sad since kids of that age should at least doggy paddle around the pool.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Nana, glad my choice made your day.