Monday, June 10, 2013

Grumpy Monday? Help is here.

Hello my peeps!

No matter how hard this Monday seems, I have a good reason to celebrate. Just stumbled upon this page on Facebook and though I'm not big on tats, I don't mind a strategically placed, tasteful tattoo.
My weekly pic is therefore from this page. And for some reason, just keep thinking about that same guy I mentioned in my last Monday's blog. The one who falls for a heavy girl. Well, I know what I must do, write his story of course. And here's my motivation to do it. Hope he'll motivate you into action.
And as per Nana's request, no recycling only fresh meat on the market.

But wait! There's more! Another David Gandy page just appeared on Facebook. YAY! David Gandy Fans Canada - check it out here: So you see, there's more to drool over in Canada other than Justin Bieber, and Canadian bacon, Molson beer among other things. 
So here's one for you to get your mouth watering. 

Have a happy Monday and may your dreams come true. If not in reality then at least in your next novel. 


  1. I had a busy morning Zrinka - Visited the Inked Guys page and David Gandy page. Dreamilicious! one and all including your hotties on this page.

  2. I would D-I-E die if I woke up and found that in my shower. I swear to God! And Mr. Ink is lovely, too. Happy Monday!

  3. Even though I missed it on Monday, you just made my Tuesday. I do have to say that David's belly looks a little weird in the pic. (Oh dear, I love knowing this hunks name)