Monday, June 17, 2013

Medieval Monday

Greetings upon you this fine Monday morning!

It is the first day of my new job and hopefully better than the position I've just left. So wish me luck.
You may be wondering why is today's post going Medieval? Well, that's because I've spent my Saturday at the Oxford Renaissance Festival. Got to see many long lost and somehow preserved trades and skills. I'd like to share with you two most impressionable ones.

I've got to experience Full Metal Jousting live

But these clown are just too much:

Couldn't find the video to upload here so I'm posting a link for those interested. I can't believe these two monkeys actually make living with this.

So, who is ready to go back to the '80's? No, not the mallet hairdo kind of '80's, I meant 1580's. Back to time of chivalry, honor and strength. If you're ready keep scrolling and I hope this will make your Monday (as well as the rest of the week) well worth checking out my blog post.

Here's your first knight in shining armor.

OK, Sir... (he needs a name, a knightly name) I guess the chain mail will have to do, but in the next picture you'll have to remove it. 

"Anything for you, My Lady."

Ah, Your Lordship, it's ladies, not just me. 
"But of course, anything for MY LADIES." 

And there you have it. Sigh, they just don't make them like this anymore. Enjoy while you can. 


  1. Oh Lawdy! He can rescue me any day!

  2. Good luck with your new job today, Zrinka and thanks for the dreamy hunky pictures :)

    "Anything for you, my lady." I have a few things he could do....

  3. Oh my!!!
    Sexy pics, Zrinka.
    anything for my lady? Oh man, love that pic :)

  4. Sexy photos, Zrinka! Thank you for the Monday pick-me-up.

  5. Hope you had a good first day of work, Zrinka. And especially love Medieval Monday!

  6. You shocked me with that second pic Zrinka. I hope you had a great first day and that you will LOVE your job.