Monday, July 8, 2013

Mature Man-ly Monday

Good morning all!

Hope you had a very fabulous weekend and are now ready to face whatever the work week is going to throw at you. But hand in there, Friday is coming.

So I've shared a yummy picture of an older guy on Facebook and many seem to like him and that got me an idea to do a mature Monday team.
Well, I could't be more wrong. I scoured and search wide and far and couldn't find a picture that would top the guy on my Facebook page. And after long and, shall I say tiring search I kind of feel this guy's exhaustion.

Still, I would't mind to be on that beach when sea spits him out at my feet. I'm sure he'd find a new burst of energy. 

Now, I did come across some mature hotties, mostly buttoned up to their necks, on the golf course. This makes me think mature men are not likely to take off their shirts and show those muscles, but I'm sure they are out there and I'm always intrigued when I come across a book that portrays an older hero. 

This guy kind of fits the above description, sans golf course, but his eyes are so enigmatic and just first grays circling his temples and sideburns. I find him irresistible. 

So keep ogling as long as you want. I wish I could do too. And most importantly, keep on writing 'cause those books won't write themselves.  


  1. Happy Monday, Zrinka - you could post the picture of the yummy mature guy here one Monday. We'd all love to drool over him again :)

    But these two sweeties will do just fine. Loving the guy coming out of the water. It's a different picture than usual and very hot and sexy.

  2. I definitely would not mind feeling the man in the first pics "exhaustion"! ;)

  3. How can we keep on writing when you post up such wonderful men to look at all day. It took me a long time to notice the grays, his eyes are so captivating.

  4. Well, would you look what washed up on shore?! I wouldn't mind finding him either, but I agree with Nana... I'm not getting much writing done with all these hotties standing around nekkid... ;)

    Oh, and I love that second guy's eyes. I have a hero in a book that's currently sitting with an editor whose of the more mature variety, who fits that pic quite well. So, thanks for the visual. :)