Monday, July 1, 2013

Roman Monday

I know I'm late in posting my Monday tease or shall I say inspiration, but it's holiday Monday in Canada today and my bed just wouldn't let me leave. So there you have it, blame it on the bed.

For this Monday I've chosen to go Roman. Mostly because I have two reasons to celebrate. Today Croatia officially enters EU (European Union). Whether this is a good thing or not I will not get into the debate, but it's a day to remember. Through out the centuries Croatian lands were ruled by many, but first people occupying the territory were Romans for the most part, though there are remains of a few Hellenic (ancient Greeks) settlements.

Since this is a Manly Monday after all, I won't bore you with the historical tidbits. Will just mention that another reason for going Roman is that I bought a pair of gladiator sandals. I admired them for years but never thought I'd be wearing a pair. I'm late to catch up with fashion and by the time I finally do, it's usually outdated.

So without further ado here's our first centurion.

Under his command, his troupe must be well disciplined and efficient. Wonder if this guy is one of his soldiers or his enemy's. Maybe one who disobeyed him and was sold into slavery then forced to become a gladiator. If he's very skilled with weapons and kills fast, his popularity grows and many ladies from the emperor's house would pay his guards to let them in his cell and be "entertained" by him. Oooh, story is forming at the back of my head. And a naughty one at that...

That's it folks. I have to leave you for now, but I'll be back to check on your comments and thoughts of today's choices. 

Meet you soon right here. 


  1. Happy Canada Day, Zrinka!

    You had me at Roman, of course :)

    I'm liking the second gladiator, I think he looks better skilled with his 'tools'

    Thank for posting!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Yes, I think the second gladiator will get more votes. It's his dark, brooding side that's also mysterious and inviting.

  2. Wowza! All of a sudden I want to drag out my Latin/English dictionary...
    Nice pix, Zrinka. I can't even choose between them.

    1. Glad you like my Monday pics, Liv. I knew you'd love them both.

  3. Happy Canada Day. And congrats to Croatia joining the EU. I vote for the first guy, there is just something about unsheathing a sword that makes me fan myself.

  4. HAPPY CANADA DAY!! I so look forward to your Manly Monday's! Thank you, Zrinka for starting out the week with some...muscle!