Sunday, June 23, 2013

Men of Monday

Another Monday ~ Another man ... or two...

Thank you all for the well wishes on my new job. Yes, I do love it, comparing to my previous job. There are no danger of getting bitten by some feral three year old.

Onto our manly business. I wanted to top up last Monday's medieval guys, but they were damn hot and I tried to find a few more knights in shiny armor or out of it, but just couldn't. However, I do have one that I was saving for later, so I'm plugging him here. Not sure what to call him, other than "come here, your____" (you fill in the blank).

My second pic is somewhat domesticated. If you spent your weekend doing the usual stuff, like laundry, dusting, vacuuming and general cleaning then join me in welcoming our first Monday guy. I'm sure that WOW detergent will do WOW on his pants and shirt.

Back in the day I did my fare share of  laundry at the laundry-mat but somehow never came across a guy like this. He must come in after hours. 
So, what was laundered must be ironed, right? 

Still, if I have to pick between the three, knight is my first pick. Perhaps another historical romance is brewing in my head. They are fun to write but so are the contemporary and paranormal. 

Happy Monday and remember to exercise your writing muscle every day. 


  1. The man in shining armor has bigger arms than his waist! And can I hire the third man to do my ironing that's piling up?

    1. Hi Cathrina,

      Yes, the knight's portions are kind of weird. Sure you can have the ironing guy, as long as he's done with my pile. LOL!

  2. I tried to leave a comment yesterday and it never showed up :) I feel like the Knight's head looks like it's on backwards - it may be the way the photo was taken but the proportions look off.

    I love how men are able to do all areas of laundry naked and with a smile. Therefore I think all men should take over this chore from women. I'm partial to the hot guy with the hot iron, wink!

    1. I guess no one told him jeans don't normally need ironing. Should we? Nah, let him, he seems to be enjoying himself.

    2. I need him to iron for me. I'd crinkle all the clothes I have, have him iron them and then crinkle them again. I can't believe I missed this on Monday. You just made my Wednesday.