Monday, October 7, 2013

Manly Monday - October style

Am I the only one that feels like September wasn't even here? Can't believe how fast it just blew pass me. One day I was shopping for back to school and the next... it turned October.
I blame it all on retailers. I mean they put Halloween candies in stores as early as mid August. Come on! I'm not thinking of Halloween in the later part of the summer. My mind's still on the beach and summer stuff. 
And some are already clearing out Halloween stuff to make room for Christmas decoration. Good grief. Let us finish celebrating one thing then move to the next. It's like kids who can't concentrate. Now who needs Ritalin? 
But enough of my rants. I know, Monday always gets me going. 

Here's your first pic of the Monday. 

Leaves are not the only things turning red this Fall. I don't know about you but I rarely found a good looking red hair man, but this one is real hottie. 

Okay, I'm calmed down now, but feeling the whole new excitement.

And in case this didn't get your blood going, here's another one. 

Enjoying the last bit of sunshine, trying to keep that golden tan. 
Well, off to work and after that back to edits for "Deck the Halls" 

See you again! Next Monday


  1. LOL, Zrinka - I am thinking about Halloween in the middle of August :)

    I hadn't really noticed he was a red head until you pointed it out and you're right, he is a hottie and my fav out of the two this week.

    Thanks for a Monday wake up.

  2. As I was reading the post I thought of Debbie. She started long before August with her countdown. The first guy looks like he's sad that September went by so quickly too. So hot!