Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Manly Monday on a wet Tuesday

Welcome back for your weekly dose of manly inspiration.

Yesterday passed in a blur and lo and behold didn't I forget to post my man of the week.

So a couple of you took it upon yourself to post a very interesting pics on Facebook. I loved your picks I must admit.

But here's mine and on a cold and soggy day, I think this kind of fits the bill.

Nice! But scroll down, it gets better. 

Hmm? What's that? You want one more of Dino? Me too. So I'll oblige. 

Yeah, I know I said we must pace ourselves with too much candy, but in this case I just couldn't resist. And since I missed posting on Monday, I owe you one. Some say way too much muscle. No such thing. Just look at those pecks. Irresistible! By now you guessed I love my guys massive and well developed, yet gentle as lambs. Gentle giants as I call them. 

Enjoy! My blog is going to be very busy for the rest of the year with blog hops and other promos. Do come back often, many prizes to be won. It's the time for giving. 

I'll leave you with an excerpt from my short story titled "Put a Bow on It"  included in the "Holiday Spice" anthology. Only $0.99 on Amazon for a limited time.

He tuned Tania’s voice out and scanned the faces focused on the presentation. Amanda, Bev, had them. He moved to the next woman, too homey, next one, too skinny, one next to her, too plain, damn it, the one over, not his type. His travelling gaze halted on a brunette with largest green eyes, plump ruby lips, and nicest cleavage he ever saw. Well, hello there. Where were you been hiding all this time?
For a moment his breath hitched when he spotted a bling on her finger. His heart steadied. A ring on a lady’s finger never stopped him from advancing on her before, and lo and behold, each and every one of them couldn't wait to spread her legs wide for him. Neither would this one. Come to Papa. And come she would, pinned under him, she just didn't know it yet.


  1. My hearts all aflutter....thanks for the morning pick-me-up! The water pic is exquisite, and when he gets older he can look as classy as Dino!

    Just bought Holiday Spice, Zrinka!

    1. Thanks Cathrina. I'm glad you like Dino. And enjoy Holiday Spice, it's spicy.

  2. Dino is great, but my favorite thing about him is his name. I love it :)

    Does shower guy need someone to wash his back? I'm available, LOL

    Nice choices, Zrinka, it was worth the wait.

    1. I guess the shower guy would love someone to wash his back, and front could use some scrubbing. Dino is common name in Croatia too. Know a few guys with that name.

  3. How about you miss next Monday so you can post two again on Tuesday?

    1. Maybe I should start a new feature called Double Delight Tuesdays.