Monday, November 11, 2013

M is not just for Moody Monday

M can also be for Most aMazing Mature Man on Monday or any day of the week. 

I know I posted him before, but now I found out his name. Yes ladies, this lad has a name and it's Dino (pronounced Dee-no, supposed to dahy-nuh as in dinosaur). And since he's Greek the name is derived from Greek deino-,  combining form of deinós or God.  He may be mature, but by no means is he a dinosaur or a fossil. He's a diamante and only some six years older than me, a young pup. You can find him on the Facebook, just type Dino Hillas in the search, and if you're so inclined, friend him. 

There are more pictures of him,but the thing with candies is they must be enjoyed one at the time or you spoil your appetite. 

Therefore keep enjoying this week's tease and come back for more. 

Enjoy your Monday. 


  1. Whoa, Dino's right up my alley! Love Him! Almost missed my Manly Monday, coming in late but it was well worth it! Thanks Zrinka!

  2. I should have seen this yesterday. It would have popped me right out of the funk I was in. Hello, Dino.