Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Blues

Good morning and welcome to this edition of Manly Monday.

It's a double the treat today. The final edits for my Christmas novella "Deck the Halls" are done and so is the cover. The book will be released on November 21st through Tigearr Publishing.

So I'd like to start you off with the main characters' first kiss. Of course it finally happened after many heroine's daydreams of  being kissed by him and his dreams of kissing her. Read the excerpt below.

Zach took her hand in his. “I’ll explain, soon. Now, let me do this.”
He cupped her face in his other hand, gazed into her eyes and leaned toward her. In the next instant those sensuous lips brushed against hers, placed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth. Then with a swift sweep of his tongue, he moved to the other side and did the same. She surrendered to him and welcomed his warmth. His arms circled her in a protective embrace and she melted into him, savoring the delightful mouth meeting hers. The slower his tongue teased hers, the faster her heart pounded. Their kissing went on and on, promising wonders to come later. Her core ignited, her midriff tingled in pleasant vibes and her breasts hardened. Perhaps he wanted to take her right here and now. He ended the spell by trails of pecks from her chin to the sensitive spot behind her ear.
“I love you,” he whispered, taking her mouth in another devouring kiss. 

And for your eye candy, here's my inspiration for the hero, Zach, the shifter. 

And I'd like to end today's post by revealing my cover. 

Have a wonderful Monday, all!


  1. Wow, Zrinka, a lot to talk about today! Congratulations on Deck the Halls. The cover is purrfect, LOL, I love it. It fits the story wonderfully. Lovin the black and white picture, but they are always my favorites, not that I'm complaining about the yummy guy spread out on his holiday silk red sheets :)

  2. Congratulations. Zach is delicious.