Friday, October 24, 2014

A Sexy Halloween ~ @MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week's edition of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is a sexy Halloween. Bet you never thought Halloween could be sexy. But what is more sexy than Halloween? We love witches, goblins and everything that this day has come to mean. Of course, for some it’s Samhain and that’s cool too. We just love things that go bump in the night.

However, I don't have a Halloween romance. No, not really, I do actually, but it's still in my head. Need to get it out on the paper, or in my case on the page of Word document. 

What I do have is a high school sweethearts very much in love, but torn apart by the heroine's parents who forced her to marry for money. After fourteen years she comes back home to find their love never died. But she's on the run and danger follows her...

Here's an excerpt from my work in progress titled "In The Stars" where the lovers come together after decade and a half during the masquerade. 

 Dario returned to his seat, but had hard time paying attention at the band on the stage. Ana knew how to dampen his rare good mood. He took a deep breath and brought the beer to his mouth. A girl clad in a red cloak approached the bar, her deep hood hid her face, but the swaying of her hips reminded him of Irena. She squeezed between his stool and the one next to him. The citrus perfume was Irena’s branding.

 Holding her glass, she faced him and downed the orange drink, then licked her full lips. “I missed this.”
            “Easy sister, there’s plenty of night left.” He leaned closer, peering into her hood, but could only make out half her face. And her flawless ivory skin and slender neck under that round chin, she was a beauty.
            “No worries, I only drink half a shot of vodka.” She placed the tumbler on the bar and flashed him a smile.
            Half a shot of vodka in her screwdriver, one girl drank it that way, Irena.
            The girl took two steps away from him, but halted and turned her head to look over her shoulder. Was she waiting on him to follow her? Perhaps he should go after her. She continued on her way, keeping a slow pace. He was a few steps behind.
            Ante intercepted him at the exit, showing brown bottle at him. “Leaving so soon? You forgot your beer.”
            “Hold it for me.” He waved him off never taking his eyes off the red hood, slowly disappearing in the crowd. 
            “You're kidding me? Hold it for you? Are you expecting to find beer left when you get back?” Ante’s shout grew louder with every word.
            Dario glanced at him. “Fine, drink it up.”
            When he raised his eyes at the crowd on the street, the red hood had gone. Damn it, she was here a second ago. Had he seen a ghost from his past? No, she war real and she couldn't have gone too far. He stepped out on the cobblestone paved road of the old city, searching for her. At the corner he spotted her cloak and followed her. In an instant she ran into the narrow alley.
            ‘Wait,” he called.
            She spun in his direction and placed her finger over her lips.
            Then she took a sharp left turn, skipped the two steps and entered a dark vault. How could she know of this place? The secret make-out hole he’d taken Irene to spend time alone with her away from prying eyes.
            He approached. His heart pounded, ready to jump out of his chest. Could it be her? It must be.  “Who are you?”
She panted in the corner. Slowly she faced him and pulled the hood from her head, revealing the rest of her. “Have I changed that much?”
His heart stopped for a moment. The dark brunette hair, cascading down to her shoulder and framing her petite face, a face that haunted him for the past fourteen years was finally in front of him for real.
“Dear God, it is you, Irena.” 

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  1. Was beginning to worry about this girl if she was going to get drunk but looks like the guy needs to be worried. Chick is a mystery.