Friday, October 17, 2014

A Sexy Thriller ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday

This week’s theme is a sexy thriller.

Well, I don't have a romantic thriller. What I do have are the scenes that best show sexy characters and their sexy romance in a thriller type atmosphere. How they fell in love, what they do to stay in love and all the little details in between. The good, the bad and the ugly as it’s those situations which pull you closer to those characters.

And so I give you excerpt from my debut novel, a paranormal romance "Bonded By Crimson"

His tender voice had a calming effect on her frail nerves. He took  the glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table.
A tear rolled down her cheek. He cupped her face and wiped the droplet away with his thumb. “Don’t cry. Please.”
She shivered at this touch. He slid his hand behind her neck, pulling her into his embrace.
In spite of her better judgement, her arms rose and slipped around his neck. She was in Heaven, enveloped in his masculine scent.
“Matthias, at last, at last. I waited for so long.” What the heck was she saying? The yearning inside her tightened her chest.
“No, my dove. You mustn't do this.” He brushed her hair back. A pained smile stretched his lips before he let her go.
Kate took a step back, holding her hand pressed against her heaving chest. “I—my head feels better. I’ll return to my room.”
He bowed. “You do that.” The cushions of the white chair bent under him when he sat.
She charged up the stairs. Had she gone insane? Acting on impulse was so not her. His dove, he called her. She snorted. Only Miles would use this special pet name for her.
Miles. The last time she’d thought about him had been during her talk with Mr. Zrin that first day. Could her creation of a fantasy lover possibly have returned in the body of a human? Of Mr. Zrin? Maybe the ghost of her past had entered the doctor’s mind so he could be together with her again. Miles hadn't occupied her mind once since she wrote his life story—when his constant presence in her thoughts almost drove her
crazy. But a terrible emptiness had swamped her after he disappeared, leaving scars in her soul. Mom had taught her not to believe in fairy tales, not to be
a dreamer, because life was too hard for nonsense. Mom’s word was law in her life and yet, Kate had written a fantasy novel. The bedding crinkled as she pulled the coverlet over her head. The pill Mr. Zrin had given her had kicked in fully. Her eyelids drooped. Right now wasn't the best time to sort out her confused feelings between the real Mr. Zrin and the imaginary Miles.

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