Friday, February 27, 2015

My Sexy Addiction ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS81

Welcome to the 81st week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s we’re doing something a little different. We hope to do this occasionally and that you’ll like it. Our theme is My Sexy Addiction. It’s an open theme in that we’re not going to say when or how or where. We are going to say – just one thing and that’s about the song – Addicted to Love. You remember it…don’t you? How about the line ‘You might as well face it you’re addicted to love’? And doesn’t that just say it all about us here at My Sexy Saturday?

Today's excerpt is from Rose of Crimson, chapter 6 where Kate finally admits to herself that she's attracted to Miles 

Miles’ brow arched while he eyed the small bed tucked against the bedroom wall. His gaze turned to Kate then back to the bed. A nervous chuckle rolled out of her mouth. Damn it, why couldn’t she hear his thoughts? Did she need to? The glint in his eyes spoke volumes. He wanted her. Truth be told, she wanted him too. The hurt of being used and discarded by the no good two-timing prick was still too fresh. She must be strong and not let her desires take over her mind.
With a warm smile, he returned his gaze to her. “Mind if we sit on the floor? Don’t take offense, but this plastic chair is getting uncomfortable.”
He wiggled, causing the seat to rock, the legs clucked on the vinyl flooring of the kitchen.
“Oh.” She chuckled in relief. His explanation was a reasonable one. “The floor must be uneven where you’re sitting. I tried switching chairs and no matter which one I put there, they always wobble. I guess we can throw a few pillows down in front of the sofa.”
Seated facing him, she shifted trying to get into a comfortable position. With his back leaning against the old recliner, he pulled her to him. “Sit in my lap.”
She stiffened. Had she heard him right? “I’m fine here.”
“I can see, you are not. Come.” When she hesitated he cocked his head. “Look, there is no need to fear me.”

Her resistance loosened and she sat with her back resting on his powerful torso, while his arms closed around her. Pleasant vibes—the kind she had not felt in over a year—rushed to her core. Must be the way the cushion bunched up under her bum. Right, she could believe that little lie. The truth was, Miles’ embrace caused her to react this way and she liked it. Suddenly the room turned too warm for her liking. There wasn’t a need to fear him. Yet, she did. He presented a whole different threat, the kind that made her open to temptation.

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