Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog Hop

A weekly blog hop featuring paranormal stories. From witches to werewolves, vampires to berserkers, you name it we have it. This blog hop is open to authors and writers whose work is published or unpublished.
This Wednesday's excerpt is from my new release Rose of Crimson, a prequel to Bonded by Crimson. 

She returned to the table with a scrapbook in her hand. Flipping through, she stopped on a page with a faded red rose and turned to him. “Roses are notoriously hard to press, especially if they are in the full bloom, but this one turned out pretty good.”
With shaky fingers, he traced the pressed blossom. “How old do you think this rose could be?”
“I remember it like yesterday.” She flipped a few pages of her scrapbook, then stopped at a Polaroid photo of childhood moment captured in time. She stood by the rose bush in the
courtyard of his castle, nowadays was a tourist attraction. “The summer of 1998 was so hot. I was plastered to the polyester seat of my dad’s car, but I didn’t care, I wanted to see the castle Rušinić. I scurried into the courtyard. For some reason all I could smell was this sharp twinge of vinegar.” She wiggled her nose before continuing. “My mom got scared thinking I suffered a heat stroke. Then you stepped out through the door behind me, dressed in a traditional costume. There was a festival going on in the village so I assumed you dressed for the occasion. I was only eleven years old at the time, but I’m sure it was you I saw. I don’t remember that scar on your temple, but you combed your hair differently.” A sheepish smile bloomed on her face. “I never stopped thinking of you. How on Earth did you find me?”
“I was always with you, Kate,” he breathed, glad she didn’t turn away from his scarred face. He must remember to project the same mark every time he was with her. “To you this rose is fifteen years old, but to me it is over three centuries old.”
She returned her gaze at the rose and tilted the scrapbook under her nose. “What?”
“We saw each other through time. Some kind of a time tunnel, I’m assuming. What else do you remember?”
Her lips parted as she stared at him. “I remember your crystal blue eyes, but mostly the sadness in them and it seems the sorrow only deepened with time.”
The tremble in her voice and the truth of her words tore at his heart. Time couldn’t heal every wound. “Two more people were with you that day. Did they see me too?”
“No, my mother still insists I hallucinated from the heat and that I picked the rose.” She shook her head. “I could never prove you gave it to me.”

Rose of Crimson is based on a Croatian legend from late 17th century. Local people like to refer to the tragic love story as their Romeo and Juliet

KATE ROKOV‘s grades are plummeting. She needs to get the voice out of her head or she will flunk her finals.
MATTHIAS ZRIN, a three centuries old immortal, born into an aristocratic family as Miles Rušinić, is enthralled with Kate. It is his voice preventing Kate from sleeping and her ignorance is testing his limits. He wants her to write down his story to settle his wife’s earthbound spirit. His tragic love story has become Kate’s obsession since fifth grade during her summer trip to Rušinić castle.
Their coming together settles the old spirit and breaks an ancient curse, and in doing so, a flame spanning over three centuries reignites and burns with wild desire. In this tale of two life times and desire versus emotional need, both know some dreams will have to wait for the right time, but the magic between them is impossible to withstand.

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